the "Volksdeutsche" unit should be named "Volkssturm"

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the "Volksdeutsche" unit should be named "Volkssturm"

Postby paule3000 » Wed 7 Aug 2019 18:49

Hello devs, nice game. but there is a slight translation/naming error considering the "Volksdeutsche" unit. The troops Hitler raised in the last months of the war as a last resort including elderly and adolescents, which I think is meant by the disheartened "Volksdeutsche" unit, were called "Volkssturm". "Volksdeutsch" actually was a term from the Nazi's racial theory and doctrine and meant "true" ethnic Germans "by blood" and/or heritage, as opposed to 1/2, 1/4, and 1/8 Germans.

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Re: the "Volksdeutsche" unit should be named "Volkssturm"

Postby sabat24 » Mon 9 Dec 2019 20:13

Till early 1940 these were people whose language and culture had German origins but who did not hold German citizenship. It was opposite term to Reichsdeutscher. After 1940 in theory anyone could sign up to a compiled specific list (Deutsche Volksliste) and registered as ethnic German.

Volkssturm was firstly sent to eastern front on January of 1945.

More common practise was to form battalions from foreign countries like for example Volksdeutsch unit from Hungary. Such units were fighting in 1944. Basically the name may be "correct". Correct in the sense of origin, but no in namig. Because there were no such unit within Volksdeutsche phrase in it's name at this time.

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