Suggested Feature: Infantry Can Garrison Structure Ruins

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Suggested Feature: Infantry Can Garrison Structure Ruins

Postby Daveallen10 » Sat 18 Jan 2020 19:44


Currently, destroyed structures cannot be garrisoned, and expel infantry inside them. Infantry can no longer occupy the structure and will actively pathfind around the structure (often, awkwardly - leading to their deaths). Due to low building HP, structures collapse easily, and under sustained bombardment / offmap artillery, towns are reduced to rubble quickly and infantry is easily picked off. There is less cover left for infantry to use and maneuver against enemy armor.

Suggested Change:

1. Destroyed structures continue to allow infantry to garrison the building.This will allow for a true "Stalingrad" style fighting.

2. All infantry bonuses for occupying a destroyed building are reduced by 50 - 75% (damage reduction, spot distance) to represent that the cover is not providing as much protection and concealment.

3. Game does not need to render infantry units within the destroyed structure, but would be nice.

4. Overall structure HP increased by 50% (currently, minor damage like mortars can destroy a huge warehouse in a hit or two).


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