Suggested Improvement: RECON Get Radios

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Suggested Improvement: RECON Get Radios

Postby Sunburn » Mon 3 Feb 2020 17:44

Hey Eugen,
So Recon is in a really odd position at the moment, it suffers from a lack of cover on most maps which makes tactical use pointless, playing from non existent cover is redundant, it is further handicapped by not offering a radio trait! Which for reconnaissance seems at odds with its purpose in real life..

I appreciate that adding additional cover, is a map design decision, so unlikely to be retrofitted into the existing maps on offer, however my suggestion would be to at least grant radio to all recon units, thus improving its class and purpose on the battlefield and making a choice to bring recon viable. At present many players don't even bother with it, as standard infantry has same optical capabilities and any firing of weapons gives the firing units position away in 99% of cases. What do you say?

Thanks for reading.

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Re: Suggested Improvement: RECON Get Radios

Postby aletoledo » Mon 3 Feb 2020 18:55

There is at least one recon unit with a radio, which is the motorcycle. That is one of the few redeeming characteristics of the motorcycle, which would go away if they all got radios.

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