Reporting a hacker named "Vega"

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Reporting a hacker named "Vega"

Postby Oblivium » Mon 11 Oct 2021 15:41

This is my first time doing this so I apologize in advance if there are some details that I have forgotten to add.

This link above is a video of "Vega" whom of which I was unfortunate enough to play against. He twice used his LANCE to kill our CVs in our base without having anything to spot them for him. He then, later on, did the same, but to my long-range AA. And in the video, you can see that from the redfors perspective, there was nothing spotting the AA. They never used any sort of planes, and thus I always kept it turned off in case they would suddenly get a SEAD plane. They also never used a SEAD heli. In the last clip he flies a helicopter in range for him to kill it, he doesn't see, however, he magically knows it's there and he then manually fires upon it with his cannon. It is only after flying a little closer, that the helicopter spots the CV and the helicopter then fires a missile on its own.

I believe this guy deserves a perm ban for cheating. Who even knows how long he done this for.

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