Reporting admin

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Reporting admin

Postby DarkstarBGW » Mon 13 Aug 2018 10:35

Multyplayer game person called [★★]General_Jan started threatening to player (the game didnt event start) doing useless stuff=kick and similar. After he done that in 2 games i told him to shut up and who the fuck he think he is i got kicked out of the game. Anyway dont think its ok to pay for something and if game admin doesnt like how you play you get kicked ? He was raging about questioning his authority as far as i know he is there to help out not to be a king and if there is an AIR deck i can pick the god dam air deck coz you guys made it possible. Pls resolve this

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Re: Reporting admin

Postby Shifu » Mon 13 Aug 2018 20:49

there are two types of servers: The official Eugen Systems server and community hosted server.

The official servers are supervised solely by Eugen Systems. You will not get banned or kicked from them, however, if you're reported for teamkilling, cheating or other inappropriate behavior (in this thread), Eugen System will (temporary) prevent you from partaking in multiplayer matches (i.e., ban you).

On the other hand, any member of the community can run a server on their own hardware (actually, up to five). The person running the server has administrative rights over their own server (such as kicking or banning players, changing the settings, etc. They even could enforce specific decks; Additionally, they can transfer these administrative powers to other users they trust). As server administrators, they are responsible for policing their server, i.e., punish teamkilling and other inappropriate behavior. Unfortunately, some server owners are small-minded or just outright jerks and kick players for quite random reasons. Whether they banned/kicked you for a valid reason or not, we as outsiders cannot judge. If you think you got a case of severe, repeated misbehavior, you can report it to Eugen Systems.
Anyway, if you want to be safe, you can always play on official servers, play on "known good" community servers or host your own dedicated server.

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Re: Reporting admin

Postby varis » Sat 25 Aug 2018 22:50

DarkstarBGW & Shifu - it sounds to me there is a mistake. If this indeed happened on a dedicated server, the above explanation from Shifu applies. However, many game lobbies can be set up ad hoc by any game client, and it sounds to me this was the case. In other words, you can set up a multiplayer game and for practical purposes you are the king in your own game lobby, including an ability to kick other players (think of griefers or bullies joining your lobby, all joining one side etc - the feature would be useful in those cases). Of course rules of ingame behaviour still apply, but kicking by itself is not an offense.

In any case [★★]General_Jan is not employed or associated with Eugen Systems but a regular player like you. It is sad that so many people develop attitude issues when they play games online.

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