Reporting a player

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Reporting a player

Postby FourTwentii » Thu 18 Oct 2018 12:12

I have some screenshots and chat open seeing a player being toxic, threatenning, and somehow finding my name through internet (probably IP), my grandmother & my girlfriend name. Threatenning to swat as well.

Being french i can help in french with eugen systems.

thanks for helping me out punish this guy ! (saying he hosts majors wargames competitions / reddit community, but how can he be so toxic for a simple game?)

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Re: Reporting a player

Postby Shifu » Fri 7 Dec 2018 18:50

Hello and welcome on the forums,

first of all, sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately you have posted in a forum section that should not allow users to post in there, so it is not checked regularly. In general, reports of teamkilling and other misbehavior go in the respective game's subforum. For Wargame Red Dragon, this thread. However, I acknowledge the extraordinary severity of your case due to personal details being revealed. I sincerely hope that you are still subscribed to the topic so that this unacceptable behavior can be punished accordingly.

I will forward this issue to an Eugen Systems employee. Be advised that they will need proofs to verify your claims (i.e. replay; details such as date and time of the offense; your login name; etc). If you are still reading this topic, please leave a short notice (having a second post also will allow you to respond to the administrator's private messages).

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