Albion Plateau - (Game-breaking) Control Issues

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Albion Plateau - (Game-breaking) Control Issues

Postby jhfts » Sun 26 Jan 2014 10:42

This issue has been noted in a few other places by other people, but since no answers have been forthcoming, I though I might bring it up again.

I have the GOG edition of the game. As soon as I start the 'Albion Plateau' single-player mission, I suddenly get a very strange lag associated with selecting and moving units. There's about a two-second pause between clicking the mouse, and getting any reaction - almost exactly as if it were a very high latency online game. The overall effect is to make a shambles of any attempt to coordinate units, leaving the mission essentially unplayable.

I first noticed the issue during the 'Pit Stop' mission, but there it was generally manageable, if annoying. It didn't really come up during the smaller intervening missions - maybe it's a large map thing?

Graphics-wise, the game is running great; my desktop is brand-new and doesn't have a problem meeting the system requirements. If I zoom in close, all of the animations are smooth. The only thing I notice is that vehicles constantly move in fits - it doesn't look like a graphics problem so much as it appears as though their pathfinding is constantly being reset/recalculated.

Would very much like to hear from someone who knows how to resolve this, or at least knows what's going on.

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