Lost Levels and Command Stars!

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Lost Levels and Command Stars!

Postby SocialistJamie » Thu 29 Sep 2016 00:04

I played EE on my laptop after a month or two of only playing on my desktop. For some reason, Steam synched me to an older status on my laptop, and instead of Level 41 I'm now level 34. Units I had unlocked are now locked again!
I busted my ass for those command stars, only to lose them in a flash, and I'm pissed.

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Re: Lost Levels and Command Stars!

Postby Crotou » Thu 29 Sep 2016 12:58

1) Go back to your desktop.
2) Launch EE. Don't download the save file from the cloud (which is now the level 34 file). Use the one on your computer (the level 41 file).
3) Close EE so that your savefile is uploaded on the cloud.
4) Then try to launch EE on your laptop and this time, choose the cloud file to start with.

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