Linking accounts help

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Linking accounts help

Postby Wizhunter » Sat 1 Oct 2016 23:31

I have been playing Wargame Airland battle for about a month or so and really enjoy the game so decided to buy European Escalation as well. I wanted to link the two together but it won't let me, it puts a cross at the side of my user name which is the same as i have on here. I don't want to have to accounts and would like them both linked but am at a loss as what to do.
Any help will be much appreciated
Thanks in advance

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Re: Linking accounts help

Postby Shifu » Sat 15 Oct 2016 17:32

If I'm not wrong, there was a way to "back-link" accounts with previous games. I don't remember how it works, though, therefore you have to mail to
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