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[FIXED] having issue with online profile

Posted: Mon 30 Apr 2012 12:18
by cataphract
Last 4 days i am having problem with my online account ,it doesnt save any advancement of my profile in game (it doesnt save new stars and new level and new unlocked units after multyplayer when i log in again i am again 16 level ).Also although i had unlocked steam achievement Raider after i completed second Dabroski mazurka mission this mission in my account looks unfinnished.
Please tell me what can i do cause i tried several things but didnt do anything.
Reply as soon as possible.
Best regards

Re: having issue with online profile

Posted: Mon 30 Apr 2012 18:31
by oocoon

I don't have the same issue, but here some solutions that may solve the problem:

1. Have you try to verify integrity of game cache. (right click on wargame in the library > properties > Local Files > verify integrity of game cache)

2. You can also try to delete "ClientRegistry.blob" and restart steam. This action will reset steam.
The blob file is located in steam folder.

3. Maybe you can try delete the content of the following folder : Steam\userdata\
Backup the folder somewhere else before to delete it.

Then restart steam and the game.

Files in this folder are user profile & saves. If they are not here, Steam will download again your saves from steam cloud.

Re: having issue with online profile

Posted: Tue 1 May 2012 01:06
by cataphract
Number 3 it worked thank you very much.