Account doesn't have access to this game

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Account doesn't have access to this game

Postby Karver » Tue 3 Apr 2018 02:04

I just got my tax return in (finally) and decided to buy the Wargame Franchise Pack. Upon booting up the game requested for me to login or create an account and seeing that I don't have one I went through to process of creating one. I entered all the necessary information and then put in my CD key that steam gave me, and then upon attempting to play the game it says I don't have access to this game. I attempted to re-enter the CD key, figuring I may have messed something up, but the game is now telling me that the CD key has already been used, meaning that when I activated it on my account it had worked. Any help with this would be appreciated, as I would prefer not to refund a game that looks so fun.

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Re: Account doesn't have access to this game

Postby Shifu » Wed 4 Apr 2018 19:24

Please contact support at, they should be able to resolve your problem.

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