Am I to stupid to hold a flank?

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Re: Am I to stupid to hold a flank?

Postby leroy11 » Mon 15 Apr 2013 14:35

Noobie117 wrote:Hi,
following happens to me everytime when I must hold a flank alone (Im really bad in it): My units secured positions, then comes 1 scouthelo wich is shotdown quickly by my SAMs. Then the enemy Arty my position (mostly they hit my ATGMs/SAMs) and after that they rushing my position (like Bravo) with heavy tanks in the middle of a attackforce with cheaper units (T-72, Patton). I arty it but the most tanks and inf comes near enough to kill my CV :( If I try to counter it with hogs or gazelles, but they get shotdown by Kubs. With my ATGM-infantry the same: Specialforces and arty. They kill my guarding infantry first, then they kill my ATGMs who are stunned or routing in that time-.-

Umm WTF?

U hold a flank? What does that even mean?

Why is your CV near the front linbe? U need to recon and put inf in forest even now inf is weak in foreast u should killl the cost back. Put super tanks (Leo 2 or Chal) back a bit and ready to surge forward.

Be ready to arty his art.

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Re: Am I to stupid to hold a flank?

Postby Hornhammer » Sun 2 Jun 2013 04:51

I might also suggest keeping a small force in reserve. If you get rushed and your initial defenses get crushed, than at least you'll have a backup plan!

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