1vs1 map guides

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1vs1 map guides

Postby Dimonay » Fri 29 Mar 2013 23:17

This is most probably going to be my last (and maybe only :mrgreen: ) contribution to the EE community before going totally over to ALB

So I am firstly going to go over specific traits of every map

Then a safe strategy for every side of the map (2 CV's and 200 points reserve going to be the standard)

Then a Aggressive strategy for every side of the map (Most often a early attack)

Then a early defensive strategy 3 CV's most of the time. This can be combined with the safe strategy as you have 200 to call in a early CV after you have know that your opponent will not rush you.

Of course if I feel like one strategy don't suit the map/one of the sides I am not going to recommend that

Spoiler : Hell's Highway :

Let me explain everything

The blue/red circles around the zones represent which side that can easily get control over them first
The purple line represents the road (maybe a bit unnecessary)
And I also marked out some buildings, the reinforcement block buildings in bravo and some good places to put defensive forces

There are 2 very important things on this map, the road and the reinforcement block in bravo.
Firstly let's talk about the road. It's in a ditch, this means that if there are no units on the road or exactly besides the road you are not going to be able to see/shoot units on the road. This leads to two things, rushes and infiltration attacks. This also makes delta a very hard to defend zone as your opponent can drive his inf really close before you can even see them. You can do more or less the same thing for both bravo and charlie

Now the reinforcement block is quite easy get inf there and it will make life hard for your opponent and if you are playing on that side never let enemy inf get inside those buildings!

Let's go over to playing from the Alpha side


So on this side of the map I would recommend that you go safe, because you have the easiest access to the high point zones

Now for the strategy, keep 200 points in reserve and do not move your CV from Alpha before you have scouted your opponents army. This is to be safe from rushes. When you are sure that there is no rush move your CV to Charlie and but up your inf defenses as shown on the map. Your recon heli should follow the approximate phat of the black arrow until it has scouted your opponents army, then fall back to the black blob and have it hovering there observing the road so that you do not get flanked. A good idea that I do not have on the map is also to send some (you do not need a lot) inf to Delta using the main road and secure the buildings there.

Now you have to prevent the reinforcement block at bravo, but why not use this for something as well? I usually send 2-3 helis (most often MI-24D/UH-1M Gunship) + a transport heli with inf (deltas/4VPZU) if they don't go for the block then I send my inf as shown on the map to either the buildings besides the foxtrot reinforcement or around the back and into that forest where there is a blue dot to recon. If you go for the buildings you may have a chance to take out some just spawn unprotected arty. If you go for the woods you most often get better recon but also higher risk of detection. Remember to spawn some inf to protect those buildings later (maybe also some inf the woods behind the buildings but that's optional IMO)

Now I also pointed out some buildings, why did I do that? Well most of them are just there because it may be a good idea to put 1 normal inf squad there (not at the beginning later) to prevent/make it harder for enemy recon inf to infiltrate your lines and do some CV hunting or call in corrected arty on you. But the one between Echo and Foxtrot is a great place for your own recon inf (sometimes I send some recon inf there inf helis the first thing I do) and the one behind Bravo is great for protection against infiltration attacks.

If you are able to hold against the quite common early attack against Echo then buy a CV to hold it and you should be in a really good position for the rest of the game. If you fell like taking a bit of a risk the you can take Delta LATER (not to early not to late something you learn with time).

Now for some more specific umm tactics?


(sorry for the swamp thing :) )
This is how my defense of Echo most often look like. Some inf and maybe some tanks (ATGM inf can be a real pain) in the big woods on the right, some light defenses (1-2 inf) in the small woods on the left and most of my tanks and such in the tree line behind everything. Also that those houses are great for ATGM inf, they give you quite a advantage in there and they are not as likely to get spotted or arty'd to death and if they do arty the they have a bigger chase to survive

How to attack Foxtrot


There are two ways to successfully attack a reinforcement point. If you do it in any other way you will probably lose because your opponent will span counters.

1, Reinforcement block. If you block there reinforcement then they will not be able to spawn units to counter you or at least you will delay them for long enough so that you can kill/force to retreat the CV

2, Surprises :mrgreen: . A quick attack against there CV that they did not see until it's to late.

Number 1 in this picture represents a surprise attack using the road sending one flanking force with inf against the woods and use tanks to climb the hill from all directions (my favorite way)

Number 2 is a reinforcement block that will probably encounter some resistance but will pave way for more attacks, You will need a quite balanced and big force for this and control of the forest to the right could help tremendously

Number 3 is also a surprise attack you use inf to go through the forest and then you attack by the road from behind. Requires quite a bit of luck, speed and it is probably better to use a bigger force, block the reinforcement and mix in some tanks, AA

Now let's go over to over to the Hotel side


I have not marked out the phat for your recon heli, because well I forgot :mrgreen:
But let's not talk about that, instead let's go over the strategy's for this side of the map.

So from this side of the map you are going to be forced to play a bit more offensively. Why? because your opponent will have a easier time controlling Echo as he has the cover advantage and do most often get into position before you. This leaves you with more or less 3 options, a early attack, a timing attack (attack just when he puts in the CV) or harassment and infiltration attacks.

I will begin with how to play safe an maybe do a timing attack or infiltration attacks. So most of this is where you should but at least put out some inf to defend. The woods below foxtrot are essential for both the defense of foxtrot and a future attack on echo, The town in front of everything is easily defended by maybe 2-3 inf squads and the forest to the right is just a good place to have some defenses. I also but up the helicopter phat and the ground phat to blocking the enemy reinforcement rout, this works the best on low to mid skilled opponents, now this is not about level I have seen quite a lot of relatively high level opponents falling for the same trick. The house in front of foxtrot is a quite good location for your recon inf, you may have to move it forwards a bit more but this is a good starting point both because of the hedges in front of the house and because you prevent enemy recon from taking the house. Now for the woods on the far left side just before the reinforcement block, it is a good idea to put a recon inf in any of those positions. This is mostly to protect your flank from ATGM units (especially ATGM inf) when you attack Echo

Now on to attacking Echo


This may be hard so you will have to use every advantage you got. So firstly you will probably need some arty. I like to position them as shown on the map directly behind foxtrot still at the front but protected from everything. They are going to have two primary targets the big forest to the left in echo and any lightly armored units especially ATGM units. Now the attack is from a slight angel this is to prevent units in the tree line and potential ATGM inf in that house from supporting the forest for as long as possible. If they have a lot of units in those hedges they will have to move them forwards to use them and then they are going o be in a slightly worst position. If they do move there forces up then you can use the road to get some units in behind then as they engage your main force from the front. All the blue dots are places where the enemy could have units if you did not scout that area and they could really make the attack a lot harder.

Now my for my favorite part Infiltration attacks/CV hunting


This is mostly about either using the road or gong around the enemy. The goal with these attack is to kill the CV + maybe some defenses, it is extremely effective in most cases

Spoiler : Dual Field :

Not a lot to talk about on this one it is very open with some small bushes and woods, good for ATGM's and modern MBT's. This pic shows some of many other interesting terrain features.


My favorite strategy on this map :D But there is not a lot to talk about. The plan is quite simple send one CV to Echo to get a closer reinforcement rout and more income. Put your second CV in Delta this is because there is nearly always a fight at Golf and the risk of losing it is quite high. You just want to secure your side of the town not take it over (that would lead to many losses).

So more or less defend Golf and attack Bravo. For the attack on Bravo get some wheeled vehicles with some type of gun. Your infantry goes straight in and attracts your opponents defenses while the vehicles goes around and kills the CV. This minimizes it chances to escape as much as possible. If you don't think that the attack would work go for the reinforcement block instead.

The black line represents where your recon helicopter should be going and the black dots are where you can park it after the initial recon, but on this map that is quite situational. If the game would be drawn out I recommend you going for recon inf + arty. Look for places to attack people often over invest in arty when the arty fight starts leaving them vulnerable to counter attacks.

The safe strategy is more or less the same but without the attack on Bravo and 200 points in reserve. Maybe go for the reinforcement block if you feel like spicing it up a little. I don't recommend going for 3 CV strategy on this map as it is hard to defend the 4 points sector if you do that and without it you won't get the 2 points led that I find that you need to make 3 CV strategy's work maybe it can work on the other side of the map.


On this side it is more or less the same thing but I also added how to attack Golf and the small red dot between foxtrot and hotel is a quite good place to have your arty at, artillery is very good on this map. Don't both attack Golf and Echo chose on. A 3 CV strategy is IMHO more viable on this side of the map but if you are thinking of going for that then I recommend that you go safe instead and use the 200 points after the initial engagement to buy a CV. When you get the chance buy some inf to protect your reinforcement rout on Bravo. It is quite common that they will go for the reinforcement block

Give me some feedback, tell me if you disagree about anything, know some other tactic that I have not mentioned. Most of this is going to be based on pre ultimate patch stuff as I have not played much 1vs1 after that, with ALB beta and everything :)

I will also add more maps later when I have time and feel like it :lol:
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Re: 1vs1 map guides

Postby Dimonay » Sun 14 Apr 2013 12:11

Updated the op so I am bumping this :mrgreen:

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