Basic Tips to don't s at Wargame

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Basic Tips to don't s at Wargame

Postby Mot » Thu 18 Apr 2013 22:43

For some reason there's a lot of "not good" players around compromising games, I guess some are just selfish or plain dumb but most are probably just not experienced, so to those who want to improve their game here are my suggestions.


The first thing you could do is ask if anyone have a battleplan, sometimes someone have an idea and its fun too cooperate and go with it, most of the times no so let's assume its just a regular game with nothing special going on.

Now you should flag the areas you will hold with CV, flag the areas where you will focus on defending and attacking. I usually write my nickname followed by the action I will be doing on that area, so it will look something like:
This gives the other players in my team a good idea of what I will be doing so they can plan accordingly.

Now for the deployment of troops, most games you will have around 1500 points, that's more than enough to deploy a little of everything so:

- Do not deploy unarmored Command Vehicles!
- Protect your damn Command Vehicles!
- Protect the spawn points!
All you need is a couple of infantry, maybe some AA if in open areas, even if they are not enough to stop some special forces or whatever they can buy your cv a fair warning and enough time for you to get it out of there.
- Get extra recon units!
Some maps are quite big, so big that there's whole areas that won't see any battle but can be used to bring chopters behind enemy lines or small armies to flank, just get an extra recon unit and deploy it in a place where it will be hard to see it but will see any flanking force, this will give you time to prepare a counter, never, NEVER leave holes in your line.
- Don't do arty spam! Just don't!
- And definitely do not eat your teammate fobs with your damn arty spam!
If you arty spam most likely your team will lose, let me get this into your head, I can kill more with just a couple of arty in close range support and one fob the whole game than you with 3 fobs and 1000 points spent on artillery firing from long range. Your team needs troops holding ground to get points, if you like to use plenty of arty, please do, just don't start with it, focus on being useful to your team, not draining the resources they are providing, when you achieve a good secure income of points, then build up a good artillery amount and start wasting enemy morale and strongpoints.

So basically in the deployment phase, unless there's a specific plan, make sure you have everything covered, get AA, get infantry to hold towns and forests, get tanks and atgm to hold open areas, a couple of artillery to keep your enemy under duress. Each area on each map will require a different type of troops, but the more diversified your army is the better you will be when facing against anything your enemy will throw at you.

- Make sure you have recon everywhere.
- Do not send vehicles/tanks into forests and towns you don't know to be empty of enemy infantry. (edited)
- Do not panic and bring chopter spam to defend whatever attack!
This happens a lot, "OMG enemy is rushing with 4x leopard2a4!", solution is not getting 2x havocs... most likely enemy will have a couple of marder rolands 2 behind those leopards and they will say "juicy" to your havocs. This doesn't mean that bringing a chopter is a bad idea, its in fact a good bet, bring a cheap one with lots of rockets, rockets stun the strongest of targets, and if the enemy have the AA then you just lose something cheap, if he doesn't then maybe bringing one heavy atgm chopter is a good idea. (edited)
- Don't make unit blobs and attack just to get owned by a single mlrs volley!
- Micromanage your units, just don't watch them do whatever they like.
Don't send your units and let them do everything, they will fire all at the closest target, that's a no no, make groups out of them and give to each a different target, don't waste atgm fire on apc's, make sure they will fire at enemy tanks or high value targets.
- Do not stack all units on whatever small forest...
Just to watch them get all wasted by 3 or 4 volleys of artillery, when you have a small area to store your units, just don't, get a few there, the others back in safety, and be ready to bring them to the frontline as soon as required, then get them back when the battle is over. Counter-attacking an enemy attack in progress is sometimes more effective than a fixed defensive line anyway.

Help your teammates if they need help, they don't even need to ask for help, there's many ways you can help a teammate in need:
- Send some units to protect key areas.
Even if only for delaying the enemy and buy your teammate some time
- Counter-attack the enemy that is attacking your teammate.
This will bring a lot of stress on your enemy, managing a defense and an offense is hard, most likely the enemy will hold the attack and retreat in favor of making sure he doesn't lose a CV or key defensive areas.

Keep pressing your enemy, keep attacking small woods with a couple of artillery volleys, keep sending small cheap attacks on key areas, keep testing enemy defenses, the more stress you cause on the enemy the more susceptible he is to not attack you, and if he doesn't attack he can't win.

There's so much more I could tell you but I'm damn tired of writing this wall of text.

It really doesn't matter if you are a lvl 10 or lvl 100, if you don't make idiotic mistakes, if you deploy your troops with some wisdom, you will be a successful player.
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"I suck at Wargame" or "I have to wait 30 minutes to pubstomp people" are not solid arguments to criticize the game... just saying.

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Re: Basic Tips to don't s at Wargame

Postby samba_liten » Fri 19 Apr 2013 00:02

Some useful tips here. Thanks.

When you calm down please post more. :mrgreen:
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Re: Basic Tips to don't s at Wargame

Postby FirmusPiett » Fri 19 Apr 2013 00:14

Wise words :D
If I may make one little remark though, I'd say that the advice of 'not putting tanks into towns or forests' is slightly misleading. imho you can put them in there, in fact it works a lot, just as long as there aren't any normal infantry or other tanks in superior numbers beforehand. If you don't know what's there, don't send in any tanks... Especially not expensive ones.
Example: Send inf in to clear out enemies. Then send inf and their transport to scour the forest for any more enemy units. Once it is clear, send in anything you like.

Towns though are a bit riskier... It's much easier for infantry to hide in there so avoid having any important vehicles in there unless there is virtually 0 risk of there being any enemies (e.g. if the town is at your end of the map).

Anyway nice guide ^^

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Re: Basic Tips to don't s at Wargame

Postby troublmaker » Fri 19 Apr 2013 07:15

Unit blobs are still effective as openers. Generally speaking most team games I will attack a second strategic location, often a spawn point or a center point with a large force. This works about 75% of the time all the time. Best case scenario is I wipe out two people's armies. Worst case scenario is I trade slightly worse than my opponent does.

These sorts of deployments are still quite good because it gives you position on the map, which means access to juicier points for your team and locations that are easier to defend. A lot of things like infantry rushing is still fine post patch as long as you have a collection of tanks up front taking some of the initial damage that the infantry might have taken.

Although the patch is distinctively defense oriented you can still pull off really great effective crushing pushes, especially in team play where you might have one guy who goes "I'M GOING ALL ARTILLERY!!!"

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Re: Basic Tips to don't s at Wargame

Postby IIIHunterIII » Fri 19 Apr 2013 12:35

I think the problem isn't that there aren't enough tutorials out there.
The more experienced players have to spread the word!

For my first two months of playing Wargame I didn't even know there was a forum.

If you encounter a "noobish" player send them a link to the forums (I dont think links work ingame but you know tell em to google for
"wargame forum" and tell them the name of this (or a similar) topic.
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Re: Basic Tips to don't s at Wargame

Postby deadnation » Fri 19 Apr 2013 14:11

Same tips.

1)When game start, go so war as you can and then sit down and make defensive line.

2) If enemy is breaking your line fallback and save your units. "Zone is not your mother land!!!"

3)Allways have recorn and cheap units in front of your hevy tanks, aa, atgm or cv.

4)Always hide your units, even sup trucks.

5) Flank your enemy

6)if you know that there is enemy aa/ atgms DO NOT send your tanks there or helicopters.

7) use enviroment, Hils, towns and forests. For example in hells highway map main road is lower level than other ground. you can send small groups of units that way and then new pleayers think how i can kill their cvs

8)if your fob is empty and you have sup trucks or helicopters, use them like recorn units. Sup helicopters can fly over enemy aa and aa will not shoot it down automatically. ;)

9) use/buy veterancy

10)If you are losing, please don´t leave game. It´s annoying and if you are losing you can still win. Enemy have most of map, fallback and take the best defens position (forest and towns). Three infantry squad with atgms can kill many tanks if they have sup truck, aa and close quarter units suporting them.

And watch my youtube chanel!!!!! I Give same tips and what to do in different situations and maps

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Re: Basic Tips to don't s at Wargame

Postby LJFHutch » Sat 20 Apr 2013 07:08

Also, don't do a chopper rush; they never work against a competent player.

They're the most annoying type of rush, not because they're effective (they're not) but because they're so easy to defeat and the rest of the game is no longer a challenge.

If I see a wave of choppers or a bunch of shells/rockets streaming from the enemy deployment sector from the 0 second mark I know it's going to be a ludicrously easy game.

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Re: Basic Tips to don't s at Wargame

Postby leroy11 » Tue 23 Apr 2013 15:06

I feel your anger here.

My heart breaks as I see those veteran MLRS's get deployed right next to my FOB right at the start and I hear those immortal words "i'll provide support for the term" ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

It just became a 4 v 3 game.

First let me say I am not a great player, much better players then me out there (hehe I have lost plenty of games) but I am an experienced player. So wots the difference???

I have played plenty of games and seen most of the tricks out there and most of the common "lessor" player tactics. I know the tricks and tactics, I just havent mastered them, probably never will, but for basics tips I can comment well.

Mot wrote:For some reason there's a lot of "not good" players around compromising games, I guess some are just selfish or plain dumb but most are probably just not experienced, so to those who want to improve their game here are my suggestions. .

Generaly my experience is that "not good" players have a certain tactic they like for whatever reason and they stick to it, its not inexperience at all. At this point baring a mega steam sale the <30 lvl players are not real at all, just resets.

I have played numerous games with the same people who every time (despite my desparate pleas) proceed to take all rocket artillery and fobs at the start of the game or all heavy tanks which then drive them straight at the enemy without recon or AA. Or simply refuse to do so called "boring jobs" like guard a call in point or a flank or recon etc etc instead like to do a glorious charge at the enemy and then rage quit when that fails.

I havent seen these people change. They are playing there game and (presumably) having fun doing it.

Still your advice is good even if I think only few would heed it. I would only add that for genuine newbies that Recon does not equal Recon units or recon inf, it could just be an empty APC or 5 point inf unit, its all still reconing.

The MAJOR thing I will add to your list and I think really is the FIRST THING TO CONSIDER: is to READ THE MAP SETTINGs.

No seriously . . . seriously!

The number of team mates I have seen say things like "I was raping if only it wasnt a timed game . . . or a points game or I would have won if it wasn't total destruction . . . or or or or or".

Sorry dude you didnt "Almost Win" if you lost the ACTUAL GAME!!!!!!! If you dont follow the map setting and instead decide to relenetlessly attack to take "position" in a points game and lose or decide to hide and arty for points in total destruction and lose you didnt almost win you just F'd up and lost bad!

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