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Some random 4v4

Posted: Fri 26 Oct 2012 23:33
by TheFluff

A pretty fun 4v4 which starts well for PACT but rapidly goes downhill. Overall, PACT has really poor map control in this game and makes quite a few silly mistakes which ultimately loses them the game.

Note the distribution of artillery, as the match starts PACT has:
- 2 BM-30 Smerch (320 points)
- 6 2S7M Malka (480 points)
- 8 2S19 MSTA-S (720 points)
= 1520 points

vs NATO's:
- 2 M270 MLRS (250 points)
- 2 PzH M109G (100 points)
- 8 FV433 Abbot (320 points)
- 4 M106A1 (140 points)
= 810 points

While this huge mass of artillery initially gives PACT a big advantage (with me losing most of my army to it at the very start of the game), artillery cannot hold ground and this contributes to PACT's loss.

A few other unsorted comments:
- note Mukip's German deck
- people who do not believe in heavy tanks should keep an eye on Alchenar's M1A1's and Mukip's Leopard 2A4's
- PACT are really careless with their CV's on multiple occasions

Re: Some random 4v4

Posted: Thu 1 Nov 2012 21:59
by The X Variable
it seemed that u guys didnt push until there fobs were almost all out. im guessing it is becasue they would have a more difficult time resupplying there armies and there artillery would no longer be effective. im new to this game so bear with me if this reply is totally wrong...