How not to Heli Rush

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How not to Heli Rush

Postby Drrty-D » Sun 28 Oct 2012 12:27

Jethro probably still angered about 1vs1 Ranked defeat in our last match decides to Heli Rush me.I even forget to delete my default Command....
Just look how poor micromanagment can make you lose an almost a won game.Guess he is still in rage,after that fail...
Calling me Noob afterwards ofc ;)
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Re: How not to Heli Rush

Postby dubtwist » Mon 29 Oct 2012 23:38

oh him... :) just disregard this guy. I have been insulted by him in various games - every tactic I used was "lame" and my side was "overpowered" even though it was him trying to go for Heli Rushes for an All Inf push... and when he decided to sit back with tons of ATGM's in the woods and still got his ass bombed out it was "lame arty spamm" that beat him... nothing is ever right for him and the game is imbalanced anyway - yet he keeps playing.

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Re: How not to Heli Rush

Postby DelroyMonjo » Tue 30 Oct 2012 00:49

It wasn't so much poor micro management by Jethro as it was the outstanding utilization of Vulcans by you, D-D ;)

OK, it was crappy judgement by Jethro.... :lol:
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