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To all the treadheads!

Posted: Sat 12 Jan 2013 22:41
by Z4ndman
Hi guys!

So my friend and I made a game with the "house rule" that you could only use units from the LOGISTICS and TANKS categories to try to make an epic panzerbattle.

Two other guys where up for it and in we went!

I must say it was pretty intense all the way through, and an amazing battle with NATO constantly fending off devastating soviet assaults, and trying like hell to keep the last CV alive while looking for the enemy!

When the sad remnants of my inital force got bogged down because of the lack of fuel, I really thought it was game over, but somehow we stayed in the game to the very end, and came out with a slight points-advantage despite the draw result.

I definitely recommend this to other people that don't really care for competitiveness and just want to have fun!


Oh, and anyone that complains that NATO armor is at a disadvantage should reeeeaaaally see this. French flyers and Leo's ftw! :mrgreen:

Re: To all the treadheads!

Posted: Sun 13 Jan 2013 00:55
by DelroyMonjo
:lol: Typical Pact. Let's Image 'em with T-55's! :roll:
I guess those high lvl ELO ranked players didn't notice it was TANKS ONLY!

Re: To all the treadheads!

Posted: Mon 14 Jan 2013 22:02
by Z4ndman
-and old steel buckets :mrgreen: Can't blame him though.

It really shows that in confined quarters, quantity really IS better than quality!

Re: To all the treadheads!

Posted: Wed 20 Feb 2013 15:50
by tunpav
it was my 5th game, and it was really fun
but i thought you was rushing and we were defending ^^
Exept 1st attempt of rush unprepared at beginning, and an hopless try of counter attack.
I really enjoyed the battle on the bottom of foxtrot for the building