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Re: Always sun and clouds on WAB?

Posted: Wed 27 Feb 2013 09:00
by Count
Gronank wrote:Isn't the clouds in WEE enough? They render the game almost unplayable and the first thing I did in the game was to disable them (right after changing the vertical synchronisation).

Need hardcore mode. Heavy clouds (not possible to disabe of course) force player to zoom in very close to direct orders. :D This requires better camera management.
On serious note weather effects would be nice option when in game lobby. Just in case if airplanes will be too OP people wil be able to choose weather conditions and limit air support usage to 100/50/10% of normal points.

Re: Always sun and clouds on WAB?

Posted: Thu 28 Feb 2013 17:29
by Bropenhauer
There are already a good number of different variables that affect the combat effectiveness of units in W:EE. I do not think creating a new weather system is worth the development time it would require.

However, I do hope they include at least a couple of snow covered maps. It would be very strange to place the setting in scandinavia, only to depict it as a bunch of idyllic sunny villages on open fields (like the maps in W:EE).

Give us some rugged frozen wastelands and dense forests, then the depiction becomes a lot more credible.