Will the Beta be bought or will it be for free?

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Re: Will the Beta be bought or will it be for free?

Postby Nosferatu » Sat 16 Mar 2013 15:05

it's funny,

Wargame: EE was estimated as one of the most under represented games at launch

http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/04 ... -wargames/

To give an example quote:

It’s doubly sad how little press this has gotten from various sites, because pretty much everyone who played the beta version was singing it’s praises, and then the game comes out and…. nothing. Nobody wants to talk about it, even when pressed. It’s like the entire game reviewing apparatus isn’t configured to accept something like this.

So all that crap about 'beta is only useful when the game is not heard of' ... ? I only heard of this game by chance and I'm a huge combined arms fan. I also hate your standard base building RTS so this fell in a great place for me.

I'm also a pretty big arma fan and having owned all of Arma II, purchased the Arma III alpha with alpha lite keys and a few extra supporter features also.

I get to play the game, support the developers and I get the full game when it comes out - my friends get to try a game I've been pushing them to get but they never got around to it ..

It's a win win for everyone - if your game is any good - you should be happy to do open betas and if you have a decent following, be happy to preorder beta with final when it's released.

Then again, if you know your game is crap - you NDA it up the creek until release day. I have beta'd games professionally in the past I'll admit - but this game needs all the publicity it can get!

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