Anti-Radar Missiles

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Re: Anti-Radar Missiles

Postby Darkmil » Sun 28 Apr 2013 03:16

Keinutnai wrote:At least add a hotkey that can disable/enable all radars for all units with one button.

Darkmil wrote:
Keinutnai wrote:I dont like the additional micromanagement. I prefer when units can take care of themselves and don't require constant babysitting.

I think you just bought the wrong game then.

Probably, but Wargame European Escalation is creme de la creme. Needs practically no micromanagement compared to games such as WIC or Red Alert 3, where all units have special abilities and are braindead at the same time requiring you to babysit them and resulting in a crazy clickfest.

EE is less micro, more macro, I hoped ALB will follow in its shoes.

Yes, partially. Heavies (and also the great AMX-32) were asking a ton of micro to be used efficiently, M3A1 Bradleys to, in fact every high-tier unit asked micro, and heavies asked twice as much micro (in order to use them properly)

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Re: Anti-Radar Missiles

Postby DarrickS » Sun 28 Apr 2013 13:51

DarrickS wrote:apparently eugen disagrees. so go play some other game if turning something on or off is too much of a hassle for you. Or better yet, try screening with non-radar missiles like the tunguskas with the gun turned off or strelas. that would lend some credence to whatever imaginary vision of this game that you have.


Yes Eugen is often disagree with me.
You like the new infantery mecanic, the new tank rof change, the fact you cant do anymore 4vs4 on HH?

Its cause Eugen was agree with us..
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