Stealth changes in v303/306

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Re: Stealth changes in v303/306

Postby Gopblin » Wed 8 May 2013 17:32

Tested it myself (created a game with just me in it and deployed a bunch of tanks), with Mig21 2x500g HEAT Clusters, basically works like this:

1 armor targets still get nuked in one salvo
2 top armor need 3 hits with 2*500kg (-4 HP per salvo)
3 top armor need 4 hits with 2*500kg (-3 HP per salvo)
4 top armor need 5 hits with 2*500kg (-2 HP per salvo)

IMO it's more balanced now (2*60pt bombers destroying MBTs in one run was a bit too strong), but the bombers are on the weaker side. Methinks it would be ideal if 2 armor needed 2 hits, 3 needed 3, etc. But I don't know if that is possible within game mechanics - appears this doesn't quite follow the standard calculation of
(AP+1) - Armor = DMG

....And did it realistically take 10% of its total weight in bombs to kill a tank (5 tons of bombs for ~50 ton tank)?

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Re: Stealth changes in v303/306

Postby Uncle_Joe » Wed 8 May 2013 18:30

Do we know if having more CBs (for example the 12 on an F-111) does additional damage to a group of AFVs or is it simply a larger target area (or both)?
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Re: Stealth changes in v303/306

Postby Gutentag » Wed 8 May 2013 20:37

I had a 2 stationary T-80A's survive a pass from two CF-118's, and two F-111's. They lived with 1 hp each...I waited until after the runs to open fire with my ADATS, which killed one of them, but the other one killed my ADATS at long range with one shot, while panicked.
I think cluster munitions were fine at 5...might not use them anymore at 4.

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Re: Stealth changes in v303/306

Postby Dsmii[DH] » Thu 9 May 2013 10:26

The AP of the Super Etendard ATGM is 30 now.
Wasn't it 29 before ?

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Re: Stealth changes in v303/306

Postby Jrdn » Thu 9 May 2013 10:37

I've noticed a recent trend for Buks and Tunguskas to miss more and in the case of the latter each time I've sent one against a helicopter hovering above a forest or a hill generally 6 of the missiles fly true and then at the last second literally curve upwards into the air which I've never seen before, I'm not sure if that's a bug or what.

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Re: Stealth changes in v303/306

Postby Seeigel » Thu 9 May 2013 11:14

Drang wrote:By any chance did they fix RoF bug for 1000kg bombs? You know, the one where the pilot randomly decides he's tired of life and makes multiple passes, dropping one bomb at a time?

No, they didnt.

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