France are amazing?

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Re: France are amazing?

Postby reaver » Fri 24 May 2013 12:12

Brutoni wrote:A French deck and a British deck can be very synergistic and powerful. SEAD and ATGM from French planes. Clusters and bombs from UK. Mirage pairs well with Sea Harrier as it can engage fighters and leave sea Harrier free to kill Helicopters.

Tanks are perfect compliments to each other and the Roland pairs well with the Rapier giving a good overlay of defence when combined with Javelins. Britain has some good rifle infantry (RM are awesome) and IFV for holding (Warrior) while France has some very fast APC's with some very good SMG infantry. Britain has cheap mortars (Abbot and standard self propelled mortars) while France can contribute AMX for accurate heavy artillery.

Is an awesome combination if you can work with your team mate and not do the usual "you take 1 side, I take the other". Let Britain hold town with ATGM, Chieftain, RM's, Warriors and Challengers while you move round the flank with ATGM and SMG infantry in fast APC's with Autocannons (autocannon VAB I think it is) and very fast tanks. As the enemy hits hard British units defending CV's you attack from flanks or even push into their own CV's.

Even Helicopters (Autocannon Gazelle with Lynx TOW or TOW 2) are synergistic.

so true !
current W:ALB is so much more a team game then EE. Deck system in present state requires multiple player cooperating. It also explains why are so many people asking about COOP in campaign.

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Re: France are amazing?

Postby Grosnours » Fri 24 May 2013 12:25

DragonUP wrote:Also counter artillery fire (or suicide air raid) could cost dearly, once or twice, in the heat of the moment I forgot to move the Aufi after firing and there, bam 300 points gone.

Counter-artillery wise, the AUF1 should be nigh unkillable. Remember to disperse as much as possible your battery (grouping tightly any arty is never a good idea), to micro them correctly and you'll never lose a single one. Actually you can even forget about them a couple of time and they'll still be here as they are decently armored. Other than their cost, their main issue is ammo consumption, I wholeheartedly agree.

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Re: France are amazing?

Postby Kodokai » Fri 24 May 2013 12:31

[EUG]MadMat wrote:True, but the problem is that you'll have more chance to see French & British players fighting each others than alongside ... :lol:

Ofcause we still hold you responsible for bankrupting the Empire :lol:

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