Tracked Rapier, this is how you fix it.

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Re: Tracked Rapier, this is how you fix it.

Postby loosebruce » Mon 27 May 2013 10:49

I think everyone has forgotten that there is also the Javelin MANPADS to complement the British deck.

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Re: Tracked Rapier, this is how you fix it.

Postby xoGIORGIOox » Mon 27 May 2013 11:19

Greetings Gentlemen,

The Marksman on one of the British tank chassis would be nice, however I do not see this being implemented so close to release.

Therefore we must try and think of a solution for the units we have, rather than creating a new one.

So the United Kingdom has the following ground based AA units,

Falcon - Alright, nothing really special, but it is better than some nations AAA.
Rapier - Good against planes, however, not so against Helocoptors.
Blowpipe Team - Not so good, however you can field them in numbers, however Helos rockers outrage them so you may have to rely more on an Ambush.
Javlin Team - Very rare, possibly too rare. However they can be very effective.
SAS (has a Blowpipe) - About the same as the Blowpipe Team, but more durable and there is less of them.

I think most of us can agree that the problem lies in the deffiency of the British to effectively and repeatedly down Helocoptors. The Infantry based SAM teams can be effective, however one believes that you should not rely solely on these. The Falcon, I usually don't bother with much AAA, so I can't really say. So it is left to the Rapier to take fill the role of Anti-Planes and support in the Role of Anti-Helo.

Anyway, back to the Rapier - The subject of this thread.

Relating back to the first post here on the tread, I do think the Rapier should be given Armour, like that of the MLRS, as it is the same chassis and the same mobility as well. However I don't think that would make the Rapier any better at fulfilling its role.

I propose, giving it these MLRS stats and a price increase, however the rapier is given two sets of four Missiles;

The first set specialises in Anti-Planes and is like the current missile, I am not too sure if it would be considered two powerful if it could destroy all air based targets with equall efficiency. However this missile would be next to useless against Helocoptors.

The second set of Missiles is an Anti-Helocptor missile, it is terrible at shooting planes, however they are longer ranged against Helocoptors, with a range of about 2600 to 2800 meters, so outranging Rocket pods, however having a range of less than/equall to the range of a Helicopter mounted ATGM. This would make them able to take down both air targets, however it does not have the same effect as outraging them, instead using it in a defensive role, in ambush. However if I recall corectly, Eugen has said, they do wish the UK to be a more defensive deck, with their tanks being an example to this.

The Limited number of each Missile type (4) would result in the System having to be effectively resupplied in order to be effective, firing about two to three missiles at each target would makes the run out of munitions very quickly.

This idea is meraly a 'spare of the moment' one and I do expect some criticism, please tell me what you think and if there are any improvements, please post them. I have not really worked out any details and the ranges are off the top of my head, so if I have made a mistake I do apologise.

Kind Regards,

*After having looked up the ranges, most ATGM's in Helicopters are the same as the range of the Rocket Pods, however some on the high end Helicopter gunships do have higher ranges. Perhaps the Rapier should fall somewhere between these two, (Rocket Pods and high end ATGM's) approximately 2600m would be a good range.

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