Cheating AI ruins the campaign...

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Re: Cheating AI ruins the campaign...

Postby Random » Wed 29 May 2013 23:25

Imo the campaign is only fun when playing against a friend, for me this wouldn`t change with better AI I don`t think.

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Re: Cheating AI ruins the campaign...

Postby S4BoT » Thu 30 May 2013 08:58

And when coming over a hill it always manages to directly target my AA or Supply trucks :P Even without recon, it just drives over the edge and gone is my AA in the back :P

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Re: Cheating AI ruins the campaign...

Postby Hellcat_Actual » Wed 1 Jan 2020 01:07

I agree completely. THIS GAME CHEATS!!! I've gotten to the point that I DESPISE this game.
I'm doing the 1st Busan Pocket on easy and getting my butt handed to me, even after doing exactly what others have recommended and I watched them win with said strategy. The SWARMS of infantry and rockets just ain't fair. Isn't the AI supposed to start with the same amount of money I am??? The math makes this impossible. Too late to fix this I suppose but it is going to make me think 3 times or more before buying another game from Eugen.

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