So has British AA been fixed?

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Re: So has British AA been fixed?

Postby mihai22 » Thu 28 Apr 2016 06:34

The problem is not that the British AA is bad in this game (which is actually pretty close to reality if you read the Wikipedia page on the Rapier), but rather that the British airforce is abysmal in this game relative to its real life counterpart. When did a Mig21 ever shot down a Tornado F2? Only in this Wargame. Head on engagement too. Polish Mig21. Grated they were relatively close in points; Mig21 was something like 90 and Tornado is 115 deployment points. The Mig then got shot down by the Rapiers. Totally unrealistic. In reality the kill ratio of the Tornado vs Mig would be/is 100:1 or more.

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