Tracer Colours

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Re: Tracer Colours

Postby loosebruce » Thu 27 Jun 2013 15:46

PACT is generally associated with Green tracer, NATO was always Red.

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Re: Tracer Colours

Postby anto-shturmovik » Thu 27 Jun 2013 16:29

Count wrote:
loosebruce wrote:PACT
AKS/AKM/RPK/PKT for Infantry and lights APCs - Green

Can be red, green and white.
Yak B 12.7mm on Hinds- Green

Can be yellow-red. ... 0815441/L/

Current yellow-red tracers is fine. No need to change.

This picture pretty much looks like a photoshoped one to me... But I'm not an expert.
Image courtesy of Vincent Meslet and Graphic.

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