Change to quitter unit redistribution

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Change to quitter unit redistribution

Postby Person012345 » Tue 6 Aug 2013 02:20

I find the current method for re-destributing the units of a quitter (give them all to the player highest on the list) to be unsatisfactory. It may be ok in smaller games, but the games where it matters the most (games where you aren't auto-boned if half the team quits, eg. 10 v 10) it just results in one person trying to control an overwhelming number of units across the entire map. If it is at all possible, is there any chance where when someone quits, the server could take a quick look at every group of units and determine the player who has a unit closest to it. Then give them to that player. Would that put too much strain on the servers? It wouldn't be perfect but it would result in much more useful unit distribution after someone quits because it will usually mean that the player who gets a given unit will already be in the area.

If the above is not possible, or some other method, then can we at least get the deaths of a quitters units attributed to the quitter in the after battle report and not to the poor sap who got stuck with their bad units in bad positions? It really messes things up when I'm trying to see how well/badly I did and makes the after battle report unreliable for one player.

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Re: Change to quitter unit redistribution

Postby wexer9 » Tue 6 Aug 2013 03:25

I'd support some kind of rebalancing to the unit distribution system.

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Re: Change to quitter unit redistribution

Postby Mitchverr » Tue 6 Aug 2013 04:46

Another system which would be nice, if possible, is a ".... left, would you like their kit?" type thing with say, vote yes/no thing so if you are next to their position its not so bad as say being the other side of the map.

If none want it, it goes to anyone i guess.

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Re: Change to quitter unit redistribution

Postby zaript » Tue 6 Aug 2013 09:34

I would also suggest more clear notification of the fact, that you get new units. Sometimes it is difficult to notice in a big mess.

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Re: Change to quitter unit redistribution

Postby Primarch » Tue 6 Aug 2013 13:18


All of this makes sense. Sometimes you get focused on your stuff, and before you know it, you are losing units left and right, that minutes before, you didn't even have.


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Re: Change to quitter unit redistribution

Postby mefaircloth » Tue 6 Aug 2013 13:33


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