WolfEater-A little something something to tickle you're mind

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WolfEater-A little something something to tickle you're mind

Postby dimabernat » Tue 6 Aug 2013 21:30

"In order to win against you're enemy you need to become you're enemy.

Spoiler : :
I talk previously about my way of thinking and how analyzing is important to become the best commander you can be.
Now let’s jump into the wonderful world of spying and conspiring against you're enemy.

I use this technique to achieve two major subjects.
1. Find the weaker links in my deck build+strategy, deployment and tactics.
2. Find my enemy strategy and tactics week points as well the strong points, his decision making, how he process Intel and his reaction to situations.

You would ask why do I need this even I played 100 games my K/D ratio is good and never lost a game how will this will help me?
Well congrats to you my friend you are really good at this game you think that you're strategy is flawless but you are wrong there no such thing nothing is bulletproof, you might not want to learn how to play your opponent but you need to learn how to analyze you're self to know what will bit you and how to counter it.

Best generals in the history prevailed by knowing the enemy general behavior and decision making.
Being able to know your enemy can be archived by many ways if it’s by replay analyze, talking to him, forum posts, or the fashion way sneak into his underwear drawer.
But the best way is all of them this way you get most information about them.

Explanation about the way to analyze vs target.
What to look for?
-Patterns patterns and more patterns, even beat players in the world got patterns rarely you will see gamers know how to change all of his patterns and play a hole different game or change his mind set.
-how he handles crisis time, in peace time and in war times.
-his weakness and strengths, what makes him nervous or calm what makes him angry or agitated.
His mind status will affect his gameplay if you know his GF or wife that might help you.
P.S. it's really hard to concentrate game while hearing in the background two girls having a 30 minute discussion about "the art of blow jobs".

Back to the point for example you can jump into my self replay analyze section Youtube playlist and also my tutorial vs some 1 alse like my vs (top player going be revealed after I played vs him again and used against him my analyze conclusion strategy) or 10 vs 1 making deck+analize.

Ok after a small explanation and giving you a little taste of what to come I want to stop and explain my vision my way and why.

There a few ways to teach stuff each way with his own cons and pros.
My decision on a way of teaching you how to "think" that will lead into not only new ways to deal with situations but also will teach you how to act against everything and anything and will make you the best way you can be rather just the guy that knows how to do only one thing or just a few things that learned vs specific strategy or tactics, I will give you the tools to act outside the box to think about the unthinkable to do the unthinkable achieve much more than just be as good as The tutorial can teach each person. I will teach you to reach you're fullest potential.
That's what I want to achieve with this tutorials.
I want to open your mind to the unexpected give you the option to do the unexpected.
Because I believe that in war there never static strategy or tactics its always changes and moves to different direction and learning how to act vs one thing will not prepare you vs everything.
My way will let you change instantly or even think about how to change you're game at that time or after game.
Yes without me you can succeed in wining and even my teaching isn’t bulletproof even more then that if you play my strategy (I am not teaching my strategy) you will lose more than if you learn how to do one strategy like heli rush or turtle) but this isn't about my way of playing in ranked this is about how to think how to go thought the thinking processes and even more than that.
This is about the basic of how to win this is the ultimate tutorials this will never be outdated or invalid no matter if game will change or if you use it in real life.
This is how to be a real commander this is how to be the best you can be no exception to your personality or you're situations.

Cons: it’s really hard and longest to learn, arguably the most bulletproof and most not bulletproof way. I will explain this in my new introduction video aka tutorial number 1.

Let’s continue with explanation about how to analyze:
This will be very long so hold on.
I will explaining step by step about analyze but let’s take a step back and understand how we got there first:
1. Laying plans--> strategy --> deck creatsion+laying plans.
2.Tactics+laying plans --> Deployment -->Recon operation-->Laying plans-->waging war+recon operation-->Laying plans throw the game as it changes.
3. Analyze of replay --> now 1 all over again.
This is the cycle of how to improve you're self constantly and efficiently.

Replay analyze vs target:
We will look almost exclusively at the target and glancing only sometimes at his opponent (if you analyzing target replay vs someone else)
1. Deployment: Check for unit composition it helps to categorize it and count how much he spends and make a subtotal then minus deployment money to see if he keep points in reserve.
Then see results and write his weakness and strength in this deployment.
CV/support(arty)/support AA(noan radar)/Rader AA (check for ROF and range of both AA and calculate dmg output)/infentry|ATGM inf|AA inf(offence or defense)/tanks(after act 1 separate tank into 3 sections)/heli/Air Force/Recon mission/special mission unit or task force.
Duration 0 to 1-3 minutes
Notes: check his special task force if he has.
Check his vision what he sow and how he reacted.
Result analyze for deployment: rate him on his strategy, tactics, execution, recon, pragmatism, force-economy, greedy-defensive.
Lay plans how to counter his deployment or which strategy to use to utilize his week points.

After this try to understand his strategy his deployment tactics.
From here deployment plan--> execution --> changes in execution via Intel provided at first minutes.
*to remember check his plan execution what he did in the end? What changed? What made him change that?
Why didn't he change his plans? Is he a red headed that don't react and only will play out his plans disregarding danger to the bitter end?
All of this you will analyze between deployment to Act 1 analyze+ how to counter it.

Act 1 analyze: act one will be the first fight or not fight but a some kind of map split or showing his intensions.
If it’s a rush to position or any other act that ravel his intensions for future 5 minutes this act 1
Time frame usually: 2-5 minutes
Now we will put special care for his decision making and rate him on it.
Did he atk? Were? Why? Or why not?
Take carful look on his reinforcement call in and to we're.
What he called in? Why he called in that unit? What is his plan?

Now you go into the unite count cycle right before he showed his intention and especially look into his recon what did he see? And how he reacted to that Intel.
Yes much of the analyze is about his action and reaction this will teach you about him, learning his composition and deployment will teach his strategy/action side.
End of act 1: rate him on all the aspects I already mention in deployment section.

Act 2- this has no time frame this might be the last blow or the first or not be at all depend on game.
Check for unit composition I like to take time frames like 15 minute in game then about the 20-25 and 30 minutes ingame.
Do the same check of what he saw and what he reinforced with and where.
There might not be act 2 but still analyzing at the time points still the right thing to do.
Again check for his scouting his action and reactions.
His plan and his execution and of course rate him on all perimeters.

Now all this info you got use it conclude his strength and weakness, holes in his tactics.
But never do forget that you will never going to know 100% about him or his game this is as much close as you will able to get to know him and know what he does.
To prepare for World Cup I analyzed dozens of replays I spend more time on replays then playing.
I had about 50 Darrick replays that from them I used 4-5 and analyzed his general gameplay which gave me the ability to prepare against him vs each of my opponents I watched at list 3 replays before going into specific analyze as not all replays were relevant.
So this a lot of work but in the end I knew how and what my opponents will do and even which kind of option of specific unit on deployment and even the quantity and even which route they will take with what unit.
You can see my future replay analyze of top ranked players how I predict there style there move without knowing the map or the time I play vs them this is how you get to a point when you play vs you're opponent and not the game.
Hold tight this is still the middle only well not even I still got the self-replay analyze that will come in the future ;)

Analyzing his "waging war" skills:
This might be the trickiest part to get into because of mind games and or because his mind.
I try to "interrogate" my opponent after game most of the time petting his ego helps to ease his tung and makes him feel comfortable sharing with me valuable information.

I use carefully placed positive words or sharing my own feeling or at list what I want him to know ;).
If you share you're tactics he might share his. Like:
"When I sow your bulk of helis I panicked because of no AA but then you didn't go forward why didn't you?
Or "you are so good I find this tactic (x) really hard to perform how do you do it?

Getting in his mind (own section)
This part is huge and I cover it in my state of mind tutorial which in "waging war tutorial" (mediocre level) or on forum "battle of minds".
Judge his thought process, action and reaction note what he spotted and his actions.
How he counters top units or critical situations.
What he defend with what he attacks.
How he react to difficult situations. Favorite battle plans.
Of course rate it all
Now comes you're laying plans vs him, vs his general gameplay (patterns).

Rating and categorizing a player:
In each category if its : deployment, laying plans, waging plans, recon, crisis management, execution of plans and last mental state.
Rate him with point system or bad-excellent. Also a side note of weakness and strength.
For example I will pull just top of my head:
Tigga (WEE)= very good at waging war and conventional warfare, solution engage only when it suite you, guerrilla ware fare will finish him and confuse him bigger maps are better and will confuse his more direct approach.
His reaction is great to battle but showed lack of strategically play maybe bad strategist’s investigation uncompleted.
Side note: His ego is rocket high which will lead in worse game vs someone he don't take serious which also means anti tigga strategy will work perfectly as he too sure of himself.
I don't mention other things as they are good but not extraordinary

I can keep going with all top WEE players and WALB currently.
As I said before about my WC replay analyze.
I actually went into nuddy mod and PM all top players opponents with info on how to bit there top players they faced step by step with wide analyze of their strength and weakness
Muahhahahahah D)

Recon analyze:
Check deployment Act 1/2 which type of recon he uses for which propose and quantity.
Of course Patterns patterns patterns.
Recon missions
When he starts and stops his scouting? (What made it stop?)

About the self-analyze this will be addition in his own sector as there difference
As always this isn't a must if you think this can work for you use it if you have different ways and you like them more be my guest.

Ok guys what you think about this small mmm any way what you think?

Edite spell check thx to terrasa
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Re: WolfEater-A little something something to tickle you're

Postby russ555 » Tue 6 Aug 2013 22:14

" a little something" you lied :lol:

Also Resareved = Reserved

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Re: WolfEater-A little something something to tickle you're

Postby dimabernat » Tue 6 Aug 2013 22:23

russ555 wrote:" a little something" you lied :lol:

Also Resareved = Reserved

I am sitting in a bus lughting my ass off.

What that's what I eat breakfast of tactics ;)

P.s. in my defance I said "a little something something"

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Re: WolfEater-A little something something to tickle you're

Postby praslovan » Tue 6 Aug 2013 22:26

you need to become you're enemy

you need to become you're enemy

you need to become you're enemy


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Re: WolfEater-A little something something to tickle you're

Postby DiabloTigerSix » Tue 6 Aug 2013 22:28

praslovan wrote:you need to become you're enemy

you need to become you're enemy

you need to become you're enemy



edit: But seriously, that trend continues throuout the whole post :shock:

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Re: WolfEater-A little something something to tickle you're

Postby Zap » Tue 6 Aug 2013 22:29

hmmmmmm, yes... blowjobs and ALB DO go hand in hand! :lol:

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Re: WolfEater-A little something something to tickle you're

Postby Drrty-D » Tue 6 Aug 2013 22:32

Wolf,it really hurts to read whole thread man.You mentioned your english speaking wife many times,maybe you can make her some good dinner every time you wanna post a big thread in exchange for correct english translation :?:

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Re: WolfEater-A little something something to tickle you're

Postby dimabernat » Tue 6 Aug 2013 22:39

Drrty-D wrote:Wolf,it really hurts to read whole thread man.You mentioned your english speaking wife many times,maybe you can make her some good dinner every time you wanna post a big thread in exchange for correct english translation :?:

She works and here dinners much better then mine after all I was the cook in gaza.
Cooking meat that isn't meat with rusted nails as utanzeles

So he'll no.

Maybe some 1 from community will help.
I can arrange "army meat" if he arranges my plain ticket.
No worry about exparastiom date on the meat they make them 60 years forwarded in time. Every bait taste like the future of human kind.

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