Strategy question: When playing Destruction, why attack?

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Re: Strategy question: When playing Destruction, why attack?

Postby M3SS3NG3R » Thu 12 Sep 2013 15:49

ch3cooh wrote:If you put your cv into an obvious forest it's your own fault.
I'm a Colonel so I know the cheesy tricks. Just have good ground/plane-AA and don't let them spy on you. Known AA/CV should be relocated.

Do you really know what I'm talking about? I'm talking about the cheese where the losing guy puts his last CVs in a gigantic forest like the one we have on Battle for Fjord and runs away forever until his opponent eventually gives up or gets lucky. This is especially effective in no time limit games because the only thing that will end it is running out of patience. When you have to spend over an hour doing absolutely nothing but sending recon units everywhere to try to find the CV, it's simply not fun. It's dumb but it's there. You don't get stupid things like this in conquest because it's a better designed mode with an objective that actually makes sense.

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