DLC #2's release will be delayed ...

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DLC #2's release will be delayed ...

Postby [EUG]MadMat » Wed 27 Nov 2013 19:31

The patch released yesterday proved to have a bug dealing with the DLC's new units.
That some of you may see them, or even use them, is a welcome side-effect for the lucky ones, but it is the cause of several bugs with the replays & solo saves.
The DLC in this state would only make things worse, so we have to fix it first (we're working on it), then quick-patch the present version, and only then we will release the DLC. In the meantime, we suggest you don't save replay or solo games, for the fixing patch shall again make those made in the meantime unreadable. Hence why we're focusing on fixing that quickly.

We apologise for the delay, we know you were expecting that DLC to be released ... well, imminently (and believe me when I say WE wish it could be shipped by now ... so we could move on) but in a way, the fact that it was detected in advance with the patch's pre-released is quite a bit of luck.
For those whom have access to the new units and their stats, consider this to be preview. ;)

Please be assured we're doing our best to fix this as fast as possible, then we'll have to set another release date.
We'll get back to you when we'll know more ...


In the meantime, you'll find more details on the DLC's content here (maps) and here (new units).

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Re: DLC #2's release will be delayed ...

Postby Count » Wed 27 Nov 2013 19:32

Imminent... this year :D

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Re: DLC #2's release will be delayed ...

Postby chema1994 » Wed 27 Nov 2013 19:38

That's the weirdest bug I have ever seen :)

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Re: DLC #2's release will be delayed ...

Postby Hydrashok » Wed 27 Nov 2013 19:38

Thanks for all your hard work Eugen! Between the mother all patches, new DLC, and ALB: Red Dragon I'm sure that you guys are incredibly busy. And on behalf of all of your American players I'd like to wish the entire game staff a happy Thanksgiving.

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Re: DLC #2's release will be delayed ...

Postby JBravo » Wed 27 Nov 2013 19:40

Anyone able to post the new unit stats?

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Re: DLC #2's release will be delayed ...

Postby hotrod525 » Wed 27 Nov 2013 19:41

I understand the huge amount of work it involve... but i predict a "community anger" storm soon. To me, its quite a deception, but since you guyz take the time to listen to us (the community) well, its ok :P Better from EA who would had release anyway and say "F... Y..."

EDIT: How about giving RCAF CF18 4 AIM Sparrow + 4 sidewinder 9M as a compensate :D?
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Re: DLC #2's release will be delayed ...

Postby Muppet » Wed 27 Nov 2013 19:44


Im sure you guys are working hard. Take your time and make a good DLC better :D
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Re: DLC #2's release will be delayed ...

Postby bin.zwieda » Wed 27 Nov 2013 20:04

for "next times", why no public betatesting for a couple of days before release?
more testers = more chances to find those final bugs

so in the meantime, people could choose to play the "old" version OR the beta.

well, avoiding more trouble by delaying the DLC a bit seems the right decision, i think.

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Re: DLC #2's release will be delayed ...

Postby Kamil » Wed 27 Nov 2013 20:06

JBravo wrote:Anyone able to post the new unit stats?

chally 1 mk.2
Iris wrote:Seriously. Best new DLC unit.

19 AV, 4 AV top,
19 AP
4 Hardened, 3 Veteran
12 ACC
145 points

You'll LOVE it.

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Re: DLC #2's release will be delayed ...

Postby Sonicbunny » Wed 27 Nov 2013 20:15

No rage here. The vast majority of players will understand that a massive patch inevitably leaves an undetected bug or two, and that ironing those out has to take priority. And thanks for the detailed explanation.

Personally, I'm still happy enough enjoying the lovely new post-patch meta. I can wait a few more days for the DLC. ;)

(although those awesome Chally Mk 2 stats are really testing my resolve...)
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