Revert number of supply trucks petition

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Re: Revert number of supply trucks petition

Postby BigDog » Sun 22 Dec 2013 02:16

Korochun wrote:
Mitchverr wrote:First, example, sigh, talk to any military commander or military historian, logistical support is vital in real life, it should be ingame, and it should be hard to maintain, like real life, i could go into the chindits, and other things, but honestly, it doesnt look worth spending the time on it.

Second, command tanks bad......... No, just no, chieftain mk10 command, you need to drop about 3k supply to kill a single 1, lol, especially if i hide it well, if you send planes, i will use my spam sea harriers to cap with massed aa ofcourse too, its not so simple, not to mention 3 top armor is you know, meaning you need to spam planes to kill it, repeatedly, if you even know its location, i will kill your entire airforces, for you trying to get 1 command, i would personally call that money well spent :lol:

I like how you cite Harriers as a part of your ADN. I really would like to see you sortie them in time to intercept a bomber of any sort.

But don't get me wrong, I do agree with you: logistics are everything. Both Suvorov and Patton succeeded chiefly due to their logistical acumen, for example. Namely, both realized that successful logistic trains should be fast and decentralized. Which is why FOBs make no sense. They simply don't belong in modern maneuver warfare.

Supply depots of course exist at strategic level, but they are neither authentic nor good for the game in their current form.

If anything, they should exist on current maps as a neutral, capturable resource which can serve as encouragement or reward for holding specific sectors in the middle of the map.

Good Idea

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