Time to "kill" the helo infantry spam

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Re: Time to "kill" the helo infantry spam

Postby captain biggles » Thu 17 Apr 2014 01:38

molnibalage wrote:
captain biggles wrote:If I have launched a helicopter insertion I use gunships and light infantry for taking out the armoured and dangerous targets like tanks and AA, transports once they have unloaded their infantry are quite good at mopping up the trucks, APCs and other light vehicles.

Most of BLUEFOR helos have only machine gun, and in case this gun is Browning it is so lame that are no words on it. Except some French helo there is no firepower on BLEFORE helo and of course no armor at all. The Mi-8TV and MTV rule the sky as multi functional support helo.

I agree completely but I'm trying to say that MG armed Helis arnt completely useless, they just have to rely on gunships a bit more
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Re: Time to "kill" the helo infantry spam

Postby Firefox0807 » Thu 17 Apr 2014 04:31

I shot down an Mi-24 with a pair of HKP 4s and didn't lose either. The minigun is badass. I know it's not on all transport choppers, and I agree, those with Brownings or MG3s aren't much good, but there are quite a few transports equipped with the M134.

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Re: Time to "kill" the helo infantry spam

Postby Doeko » Sat 19 Apr 2014 23:35

I like the initial premise of making helos more rare.

I don't like the idea of increasing their costs.

I think availability should be limited to less than one per infantry squad. That way you can call in the chopper and the infantry sepparately. This requires a major gameplay change so it probably won't happen.

If you lose your choppers, you can still pick up the infantry with ground transports on the battlefield.

Increasing their costs will imbalance the opening move more. But making them more finite will also fix the problem of them being considered "expendable".

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Re: Time to "kill" the helo infantry spam

Postby Gopblin » Sun 20 Apr 2014 00:04

I don't see a problem with decreasing the number of choppers, as long as it affects both sides evenly.

The reasons choppers are the go-to deployment method now is because they are so cheap and plentiful, if that is taken away people will use land transports, improving the tactical depth and realism of the game.

Also I don't see a problem with expensive choppers being hunted down by planes. That is precisely what happened during Iran-Iraq war for example, and that's why large chopper drops wouldn't normally be used over a conventional WW3 battlefield IMO.

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Re: Time to "kill" the helo infantry spam

Postby F-22 » Sun 20 Apr 2014 00:19

Increase helicopter prices BUT increase their availability to cheap transport quantity, this way they have more staying power but they cost more so you don't necessarily want to use them recklessly.

This way, the "helicopter + ASF" über start is still viable, but just a little more risky.

EX. bump up the Mi-2 and UH-1 to 15 points, but give them the infantry availability of the BTR-60 or M113A1.

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Re: Time to "kill" the helo infantry spam

Postby katt » Sun 20 Apr 2014 15:12

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Re: Time to "kill" the helo infantry spam

Postby feeblezak » Thu 24 Apr 2014 02:25

The General deck is the source of these problems. Helicopter infantry can be taken along with the best of everything else the nation/coalition has to offer with no drawbacks at all. It should've been restricted to being forced to take a specialization.
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Re: Time to "kill" the helo infantry spam

Postby le trashman » Sun 11 May 2014 20:50

I would say double the transport helo price but give 1/2 the points back if you evac them form the map, that way it would both be more costly to helo spam at start which means you can bring less helos, if you successfully land and evac it will be the same cost in point terms, which would discourage suiciding the helos.

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Re: Time to "kill" the helo infantry spam

Postby Grabbed_by_the_Spets » Sun 11 May 2014 20:52

I honestly think autocannons and SRAAM's should get their full range against Helos back.

I'm getting sick of jets only being able to shoot one missile off at a time!

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