"Medium" campaign AI cheating on deployment points? Seems to get 2x-3x.

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"Medium" campaign AI cheating on deployment points? Seems to get 2x-3x.

Postby mihai22 » Thu 28 Apr 2016 15:45

I just fought one of those destroy battle group down to 1 morale battles. They started with no deployment zones because I had fought another (non-routed) battle group on the same map, which then ran giving me control of all the deployment zones (I suppose). That's just for context. Now the 1-morale battlegroup, was said to have just 500 initial deployment points in the pre-fight message box, and since it didn't control any reinforcement zones (I didn't let him win any either) they could not go over that limit... supposedly. Now I actually won the battle not by killing all their command vehicles... but by scoring over 750 destruction points, which was the (destruction) victory condition. Not only that, but they still had two CVs I could see on the map... and a few infantry, so they had over 1000 initial deployment points, no doubt, instead of 500. Thus I think the "medium" AI gets 2x the actual deployment points stated. This was in the fortress Oslo campaign. If you need screenshots... let me know.

Edit: I've played that fight from a save game for a second time to see how repeatable that is and WOW: 2nd time he cheated by 3x deployment points. Basically I he spammed nearly twice the army from the first trial and attacked in two different directions! Now you know how the campaign got "fixed" so that battles don't get boring/draw.

Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/mjQIY Alas the battle ended before I could take screenshot of field at the end because I accidentally killed a command vehicle... which has an icon resembling a scout. But he had left at least as much as I had killed. It's actually possible that he had this much (3x) on the first trial/play but I didn't scout him as well. The 2nd column didn't actually attack me but stopped somewhere in a field far from any reinforcement zone.

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