Is the USSR Para Deck just extremely weak? (New player opinion)

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Is the USSR Para Deck just extremely weak? (New player opinion)

Postby hermanJnr » Fri 12 Oct 2018 13:28

(Long post here, see TLDR at the bottom if you're in a hurry :) ).

New player here, I've been building my own decks and found most of them pretty balanced and effective with the exception of the specialised USSR Para deck. Despite being an infantry deck you seem to get tiny numbers of useful infantry and it leads to situations where you have tons of points and nothing to spend it on.

Now with most decks I can see what the clear advantage is of specialising in a certain thing. I had a Polish deck that was almost entirely comprised of helicopters and Infantry in helicopters and I was able to colonise half of the map with AT commandos. Advantages are also obvious for huge armoured columns and decks with masses of fancy AA equipment. I've had success with British Infantry-focus armies too, with AA vehicle support.

But the USSR Para deck? Well, first off the speciality is supposed to be Infantry, so let's start there. The infantry choice you get with this deck is awful IMO. It's inexplicably really restricted compared to a standard USSR army.

You get VDV - airborne troops who are mediocre mixed AT/anti-inf who are deployed exclusively by the fragile and slow Ural truck. And this truck only. Paratroopers deploy in trucks now? Wut? You can have only three units of these guys, which amounts to about 18 of them with the lowest amount of veterancy - so a small number of standard troops. Anyone with another inf deck is going to have about 3x the troops you have.

Then you get a unit of Spetsnaz with Napalm launchers...which are only useful if your opponent has tons of infantry and isn't really covering them either, since you have to run to 500m distance to use the napalm. Needless to say, I haven't found these guys very effective in most games.

After that you get AT infantry (KONKURS and Faktoriya or whatever it's called). These are potentially very effective but they eat ammo like mad and you only get a couple of paltry squads of them. Again I don't know why the numbers are so limited in this deck. You can get more if you go with a pre-70's deck but you lose the ability to have KONKURs infantry and so it halves the amount of AT...meaning you get pretty much the same amount! Even with pre-70's unit sizes, you get a small amount of Inf total.

AA inf is okay, and weirdly abundant compared to the others. I had tons of spare AA inf in my last game - and while great at anti-helo duties, they pale against jets.

And the large amount of ammo usage? Well, you only get access to a small number of Ural logistics trucks (6 IIRC) so good luck keeping them supplied anyway, especially if your opponent is competent and blows a few up.

The Motostrelcki basic inf that is super adaptable, abundant and cheap is...not available at all for this infantry deck! Ughhh.

You want tanks? Nope. No tanks.

You want AA? Have a Ural truck with an old gun strapped on the back - and nothing else. No missiles to be seen. Good luck! I kid you not, my last opponent had a Nighthawk and it took out 70% of my army on it's own because my inf AA and awful AA trucks couldn't touch it even with excellent recon.

Finally you get access to planes...kind of junky older Soviet planes that aren't much cop at anything. I had exclusively anti-air MiGs to make up for my weaker AA trucks and they consistently failed to shoot down anything because they're so out of date.


TLDR: USSR Para deck is infantry focused but seems to have small numbers of sub-par infantry, weak transport options, terrible AA capabilities, no armour support at all and is severely vulnerable to tank spam and air-spam both! What gives?

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