ALB Online campaign not connecting in battles

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ALB Online campaign not connecting in battles

Postby Skopikus » Mon 9 Apr 2018 19:44

Hi there everyone.

Me and my friend, we have a problem. We started a multiplayer campaign and played it for whole weekend and after one week we continued our game. I loaded the old safe and invited my mate to a game, he connected(everything alright) campaign map loaded and when we started battle - loading screen (from my side) been there for more time than usual but game loaded, but my mates computer freezez on loading screen.
We tryed to load saves from my side, from his side, restarted the game ten times but it was tuff luck. We think it's some kind of miss synchronization thingy.
Maybe some one had the same problem and fixed it somehow???
Thnx for your attension mates!

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Re: ALB Online campaign not connecting in battles

Postby Shifu » Tue 10 Apr 2018 12:26

You can contact the support at

I personally haven't heard of this issue as far as I remember.

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