Possible cheat

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Possible cheat

Postby 4B50LUT » Sun 14 Jun 2015 18:30


I've played this game for some time and yesterday I found a strange situation with a player called PAUL. From the start he had 3 F15A and 1 Raven. At the end he used to have 6 F15As. Even if 1 was destroyed. Well I reviewed the game many times and tried to build his deck. Which I could't. If I use before 1980 bônus I can have 6 F16 but not the EF-11A Raven. Any other combinations won't let me have 6 planes. So how come this happen? :shock: :evil:

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Re: Possible cheat

Postby MenDuck » Sun 14 Jun 2015 22:16

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I suggest to you that you'd post this in this thread, as this subforum is for technical issues only.

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