ALB: Loading Screen Bug

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ALB: Loading Screen Bug

Postby Konrad » Wed 18 Nov 2015 18:28

Hi all,

I downloaded Airland Battle from steam a week ago. I first had to uninstall off my harddrive (there was an issue with file locations) and reinstalled on my (MAC) disk drive. I'm aware of my computers inferiority for gaming. However, the game worked well, until I started to get to a decent point in the "War in the North" campaign (about day 7-8). Now every time I finish playing the battle round day 7 or 8, I will see the statistics page, click exit, and then my Mac is stuck in loading limbo. :x

It is very frustrating. I understand Red Dragon is going to consume more of the developers time, but $20.00 for a busted game? It is a fun play, and I enjoy playing the campaign, however I would like to FINISH the campaign and not pay for any more "issues" in the future.

I have verified my cache via steam, and have also played with the graphics settigns to no avail. I was hoping to get into ALB and if I liked it enough, move on to Red Dragon, but at this point I am reconsidering my decision to even purchase ALB. I look forward to getting some feedback.

Thank you,

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Re: ALB: Loading Screen Bug

Postby Shifu » Wed 18 Nov 2015 22:59

Please mail to

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