War game ALB server !!

ivan dracov
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War game ALB server !!

Postby ivan dracov » Tue 15 Aug 2017 18:13

Hi I have been trying to log on to WG ALB since yesterday 14/08/2017 I have played it almost every day with no problems what so ever..now today having made no change my self and with perfect internet I have a message saying "sorry the server has not responded in time" can other people access this server to player ALB ? or has this great game just been killed?
I hope its just a problem my end and I need a patch or reinstall. I have player WG ALB 1000,s of hours ..I have given WGRD 500 hours but I simply hate it and will never play it again multi player. WG ALB multiplayer is my absolute favorite ever game period with out it I will sell my PC as I have no other game interest :P Please if anybody knows can you inform me.

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