Access Violation with Friends List

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Access Violation with Friends List

Postby bobmanzoidzo » Sun 27 Aug 2017 08:48

My friend and I just recently got this game (Airland Battle) and have been really enjoying it; however, we've been having problems using the in-game friends list.

When we first started, we couldn't send or receive requests, as all of the buttons were greyed out for adding friends. A few days later, we noticed they were active again and could both send requests to one another. However, when we accepted the request, it would disappear and we would disappear from the list. We tried this many times to no avail. In addition, I could find him through the friend search function, but he could not find me.

A few hours later, I noticed he had been added to my friends list somehow, but I was not showing up on his friends list. I was able to join public and private games he was in (except the campaign), but none of my invites to him went through. He was also able to see me in the search options now, but I couldn't accept since the game thought he was already a friend. I decided to try removing him from my list and re-adding him, but as soon as I did his game crashed with this message:

crash report.png
crash report.png (448.09 KiB) Viewed 3817 times

When he got back on, he was still on my friends list, and every time I tried removing him or closing my game his game would crash with the same message. I think there's an issue where he can't find/add me to his friends list and so when I remove him it doesn't recognize that I'm a friend and causes a fatal error. He also cannot just alt-tab back into the game or ignore the message; it will force the game to close.

Is there possibly a solution to remove him from my friends list on your side to try re-adding him, or is there another way to fix this issue? We've really been looking forward to playing the co-op campaign, but without being friends it's impossible. I also heard that Steam friends are now integrated into Airland Battle, but we can't seem to invite each other using the Steam system either.

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