Freeze at battle loading screen, Linux?

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Freeze at battle loading screen, Linux?

Postby EzekielAxel » Fri 28 Aug 2020 09:39


I'm running the latest Wargame Airland Battle from Steam on Linux (Archlinux). I was able to play the game till May, 2014. But from July, I found the game freezes at loading screen and got CPU 100%. And when I do Graphic auto configuration, it freezes too. So I think it's a graphic related issue.

My setup:

Thinkpad E320.
ArchLinux, kernel 3.16.2, x86-64
Intel® Sandybridge Mobile graphic card.

Searched forums, I didn't find how to gather some debug logs or dumps on Linux. If you need any further information, I can work with you to provide.

I really love this game, please help me to solve this issue. Thanks!

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