2 Player Campaign AAR's

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2 Player Campaign AAR's

Postby hardwarebob » Wed 28 Dec 2016 04:42

I am a HUGE fan of the Campaign mechanics in ALB and am disappointed that we don't have multiplayer campaign mode in Red Dragon. After about 100+ hours in ALB I tried out the campaign in Red Dragon and it seems there are some intriguing new aspects to this, too early to give an educated opinion on, but I did quite like what I saw. I have heard bad press about the naval aspects, but haven't yet encountered this part yet, so will hold comment until later!

I think the campaign mode in multiplayer versus mode is a vastly under-rated and misunderstood aspect of ALB. I have read many bad posts about this on steam and on this forum.

My brother and I have been playing through the ZHUKOV-2 and War in the North Campaigns. I really appreciate the hard choices that you constantly need to make, where you just never have enough battlegroups (bg) or political points (PP) available - it's the nature of a well balanced game where you can't just win it by making quick and easy decisions and punished for poor ones.

The attrition of war and the price paid for mistakes in both the strategic and tactical aspects are amazing and like nothing else I have seen in an RTS. There is an amazing balance of fun and realism in the tactical battles of the game play as well.

I will write some reasons why below for others to comment and in hope to have a constructive thread and spark some revival for it!

If others on here are interested, I would even consider writing some after action reports on our campaigns for people to follow along in the campaign progression, even sprucing it up with video snippets and screen shots of key moments.

Whoever is out there please reply and let me know your thoughts on this!

Tactics at the strategic level (Campaign Map)
- encirclement of zones
This gives importance to maintaining supply lines to ensure your defending bg's are not surrounded without supply during the battles
You don't just go headlong into the map and expecting easy results by spearheading from one direction, attack the enemy from multiple locations and they lose those deployment zones by the new units that attack from that direction (even if they previously held this). I have been caught out by this a few times, sending me into some frustrating expletive outbursts when my only zone was attacked by another bg leaving me in that battle without any!
- attrition of battle
Once a unit is gone, it's gone! Made some bad decisions and got hasty during the battle, too bad your precious INF to hold that needed territory, AA running low leaving you vulnerable from the air, or your recce units low, leaving you blind.
I love that fact that you don't just always magically win a battle on the first day's engagement - you will often fight for days over some territory and both you and the enemy are being worn down by losing initiative and morale, also meaning that the defender will have the upper hand if the attacker doesn't make some serious headway in good time.
If you are engaged for too long, you need a plan to bring in fresh bg's to allow those units to rest (after taking the zones) while the new ones continue your advance.
- units engaged in battle
The ability to lock bg's in battle, rendering them engaged and unable to easily just relocate unless they retreat with potential penalties (I'm pretty sure from memory you lose initiative and or morale when doing this?), means you need to really manage the bg's you have carefully, to ensure you can still have enough for your grand plans to out-manoeuvre the enemy.

Tactics at the tactical level (individual battles)
- Plenty of room to manoeuvre outside of the designated capture zones, making for some great battles and ability to not be tunnelled into only a handful of directions to attack from.
- I won't go into these as no matter if you are in a campaign or skirmish match, we understand the nature of things here. The biggest difference is the choosing of which territories you will need to keep in order to progress to your objectives in the next battle, for instance not focusing on capturing a deployment zone when you know you have another bg moving in that day to secure and ensuring you capture the forward most positions when attacking to allow deployment of your units there or ensuring to capture some deployment zones when you have your para or naval reinforcements arriving.

My BIGGEST concern with the ALB multiplayer campaign is the freezing issues we are encountering on seemingly random occasions when loading a battle, which puts a real damper on the pace! I am concerned that since ALB is ageing, that they will not likely fix it, but I will submit a support ticket I guess and see how I get on. Maybe my ageing Q6600 PC setup is causing some strange incompatibility issue, who knows! ;)

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Re: 2 Player Campaign AAR's

Postby hardwarebob » Tue 3 Jan 2017 13:23

....after posting my op I realised how much of a ghost town the ALB forums seem! :-)

I think all has moved onto Red Dragon!

I have come across an excellent write up of the 'War in the North' ALB campaign in the style similar to my intentions here, which is worth checking out. I think I will create a write up as a steam guide, regardless of the lack of interest here, as I still am on a crusade to promote the ALB Campaign in pvp mode! Looks like the first one will be the War In the North campaign as well, once our current War in the North is done, where we will swap sides.


Thanks for the great write up Peter :-)

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Re: 2 Player Campaign AAR's

Postby fox_the_apprentice » Thu 2 Feb 2017 14:42

I also miss the co-op campaign :)

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