Post your deck!

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Re: Post your deck!

Postby JohnDaBarr » Sun 24 Jan 2016 18:59

A relatively new player here. Would like some feedback on a deck I made and some general tips.

Cat A, US Mechanized.
6346363.png (783.51 KiB) Viewed 3472 times

I believe it should be a decent 1v1 deck but didn't play much multiplayer games except with couple of friends, so still don't know the fine points of the game.

Also are deck specializations generally worth it? Mechanized seems good since I don't like to use helis too much, but still it bars you from some options like the F14 and better Huey's.
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Re: Post your deck!

Postby chykka » Mon 25 Jan 2016 04:32

More recon and maybe take out the Chinook Supply as it's more situational than you'd probably need it.

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