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Re: Game Manual

Postby solaris » Mon 18 Nov 2013 16:45

WAmedic wrote:Okay...figured out how to 'pause' (click HQ button). Still looking for a printed list of keyboard shortcuts.

You can configure your own at your convenience in the options menu, as well as see all default keybinds there. (Options -> Controls). Some keys you will undoubtedly wish to have in a more convenient place, and others you will find yourself hardly using at all.
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Re: Game Manual

Postby HAL9000 » Mon 23 Dec 2013 22:08

Maybe it's a silly question but as I rember in European Escalation there was a shortcut for a quick zoom. I don't remeber probably H button. When I put cursor over a unit and press this button camera quickly zoom at this unit and after releasing it camera returned to the previous view. Maybe I'm blind but I can't see it now. It was very useful during fight

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