The 'authentic' deck project

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Re: The 'authentic' deck project

Postby Nehabje » Sun 20 Apr 2014 15:03

SunTzu wrote:Those are Import Codes for Red Dragon Decks.

The dedicated RD-Thread is here:

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Re: The 'authentic' deck project

Postby scifo1980 » Tue 6 Jan 2015 22:46


I,ve created a Eurocorps deck consisting of the Franco-German Brigade.
There a two full battalions in de deck;
Staff and logistic company,
3e Régiment de Hussards (recon)
(2x AMX 10 RC (24) 2x Hussards '85 supported by VAB/VBL/P4 units (air-defence and recon)
Jägerbataillon 292 (Bw) (inf)
(3x Jäger-Kompanie supported by ILTIS MILAN and 1x schwere Kompanie consisting of Wiesel units TOW and 20mm and 8x 120mm mortars)

The two bataillons are supported bij elements of the Artilleriebataillon 295;
4th Rocket Artillery Battery with LARS

Optional I've added some Gazelle 34 heli's (anti air and anti armour), combined elements of both nations airforces.

Sources: ... e-hussards


Hope you like this deck which I tried to make as 'authentic' as possible.

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