Wargame Glossary - Useful for newbies!

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Wargame Glossary - Useful for newbies!

Postby KittyKitsune » Fri 19 Jul 2013 15:09

I've decided to make this glossary of terms for people new to the forums, WG:ALB or just video games in general. Hopefully that will clear things up and people won't have to ask what NSWP is anymore ^_^

I'll also add more deffinitions to this list, please post words you do not know what means or that you see used ingame or on the forums. Thank you.

Wargame and Military Specific Terms

AA - Anti Air
AAA - Anti Air Artillery
APC - Armored Personal Carrier; VAB, BTR-60
CV - Command Vehicle
IFV - Infantry Fighting Vehicle; BMP-1, Bradley

CAS - Close Air support also known as GAP Ground Attack Plane
ASF - Air superiority fighter
SEAD - Suppression of Enemy Air Defences

ATGM - Anti Tank Guided Missiles
AGM - Air to Ground Missile
SAM - Surface to Air Missile

NSWP - Non Soviet Warsaw Pact
NANA - Non American Nato Army

Stabs - Stabilisers

General RTS Terms

AoE - Area of Effect
Aura - Area of Effect for any passive, for example the area in which a unit has to be in order to be supplied.
Arty - Artillery
APM - Actions Per Minute

Buff - The act of making something more useful.
Bottom Feeder - someone who ranks up or only fights with bad players.
Blob - Having units sit or move around in a big circle or close formation, usually get's you bombed.
Bomb Magnet - A unit that is so valuable that as soon as it is discovered it will get attacked by everyone. (T-80U)
Broken - Something not fuctioning as it is intended, usually balance wise (Infantry Paniced with 100% accuracy)

Cheese Tactic - A tactic that is clever but grossly unfair. (Just because you can't counter something does not make it a cheese tactic, consider that you may just be new/playing poorly that day)
Choke Point - Any point on a map that can be defended easily by a few units against a lot of units.
Comp Stomp - Several human players practicing against AIs.
Counter - A unit that counters another unit, example AA > Helicopters > Tanks
Hard Counter - A unit which obliterates another unit, as in they litterally cannot fight back.

Feeding - Under performing in such away that you are actually helping the other team gain points.

Glass Cannon - A unit with powerful weapons, but weak defence, most french units in the game.
GUI - General User Interface, the general things on screen you can click on to interact with the game.
Gimp - Serves no purpose, either because another unit does it better, or because it is incapable of destroying the
opposing units that it is suppose to destroy, example: an AA gun that can't destroy helicopters or planes is gimp.

Lane - In team games initially each player will take a "lane" a section of the map and push up through that lane.

Meta Game - The decisions you make before actually playing the game, but which determines the outcome of a game. For example Deck creation, a current Meta trend is get Tomcats early in the game.
Micro - Micromangement, focusing on just 1 unit to control it in a proper way.
Macro - Macromangement, controlling many units at the same time.
Mechanic - A general fuction in the game, and how it is played out.

Nerf - The act of making something less useful
Noob - Newbie, someone new at the game, not someone bad.
Nuke - Unleashing all your immidiate power on 1 target, example: Using all your Ground Attack Planes against 1 unit.

UP - Underpowered
OP - Overpowered, Original Post, Original Poster or Original Picture (4chan terms on my ALB forum!?)

- Having so many units you can mere drive in a straight line across their forces and trash them.
Spam - Using only one unit or unit type, It does NOT mean having a lot of a unit.
Splash Damage - Damage that is done in an AoE where the projectile hits, the value of splash is HE in ALB
Symmetry - In game balance this means, that both factions have IDENTICAL resources. Look up World in Conflict
Squishy - Or Paper, a unit which is easy to kill, usually support units or infantry in the open.

TTK - Time To kill, How long does it take to kill a unit
Turtling - Opposite of Rushing, defending while waiting for enough resources to steamroll the enemy.

Rush - Commiting your forces to attacking a location first thing in the game ( Basicly, not defending)
Randomer/pubber - Randomly encoutered/Public Player, teammates whom you do not know prior to playing.

Paradigm - A game mechanic that you are forced to prefer over others or you will not be as good at the game, because it is so useful/powerful.
Push - Moving up, your side of the map.

Unit Paradigm
- A unit that is so powerful that you have to have a hard counter for it, as no soft counters will work effectively; A unit so powerful that it's mere pressence makes you change the way you have play.

Zerg Rush
- Assaulting enemy starting position with a horde of light units within the first 2 minutes of a game.
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Re: Wargame Glossary - Useful for newbies!

Postby Rorschach » Fri 19 Jul 2013 15:15

Tutorials section?
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Re: Wargame Glossary - Useful for newbies!

Postby KittyKitsune » Fri 19 Jul 2013 15:16

Rorschach wrote:Tutorials section?

Oh yeah D:

I thought i posted it there ! Ooooops
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Re: Wargame Glossary - Useful for newbies!

Postby [EUG]MadMat » Fri 19 Jul 2013 15:31

Good job. :D

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Re: Wargame Glossary - Useful for newbies!

Postby KittyKitsune » Fri 19 Jul 2013 16:00

Hurray Sticky Thank you madmat!
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Re: Wargame Glossary - Useful for newbies!

Postby 1*Blitzkrieg » Fri 19 Jul 2013 16:45

Here are some more terms you can add to your glossary, i've taken a good reference of the "176-page Comprehensive Guide to All Things Wargame: ALB of SandyGunfox from Steam, and added some terms. Hope to help the new players :)

Sorry if there's anything repeated ;)

Nickname of the TOS-1 Buratino flame rocket launcher.

Decks are built from these, they are a single slot item in a deck. Unit availability often expressed in deck-building as “units per card.”

Cost-Effectiveness / Cost-Efficiency
Refers to the number of points a unit kills over the number of points a unit costs. If a 5-point unit can kill 50 points of enemy units on average, it is significantly more cost effective than a 120-point tank that kills 100 points of enemy units on average.

The arrangement of forces you bring to a match. You choose a deck before a match starts. The twelve pre-made “battlegroups” are example decks, but you’ll generally be using decks you custom-built.

Dying Like A ♥♥♥♥♥
Refers to an expensive, high-end unit getting killed by a cheap, low-cost counter, typically without having accomplished anything useful (see: Feeding).

Collective fan nickname for Eugen Studios

Feeding is something all noobs do. It’s when you make useless, wasteful, or counter-productive moves that end up just giving the enemy lots of points. Since most game modes rely on accumulating points for victory, this ends up helping the enemy and causes your teammates to hate you.

Miles Per Hour. Since all measurements in this game are in metric, anyone (see: Americans) who refers to a unit’s speed in miles per hour is actually meaning kilometers per hour.

Pub / Pubbie / Randoms
“Public” players, i.e. people you do not know who join a game. Collectively derided as being generally low-quality as a whole, though obviously individual pubs vary in skill level.

Push / Pushing
Attacking a specific part of the map, or attempting to move enemy lines back.

Refers to the depressingly common instance where a player quits a match because they’re upset something didn’t go their way. Never do this. In most modes of Wargame, it’s perfectly possible to lose the majority of the map but win the match regardless - and even then, it’s also very fun to play as a defensive, even when you lose.

Snipe / Sniping
Refers to using a single accurate targeted strike, usually by artillery or an aircraft, to eliminate a specific enemy unit. Typically done on high-value or important targets like CVs, SAMs, and artillery units.

Tactics vs. Strategies
Tactics are things individual units do, like “flank that enemy tank” or “hide in that forest.” Strategies are plans to achieve the goal of the match (the strategic objective) like “earn 4000 points as a team” or “kill all enemy CVs.” Operations are between the two, being things like “use an armored blitz to secure sector Alpha in order to move on sector Delta.”
Military Terminology & In-Game Terms
Because this game uses real-world units and techniques, many of the game’s aspects are discussed using real-world terms and acronyms.

Air Lane
The lanes in which airplanes spawn from.

Anti-Aircraft Artillery. Pronounced “triple-A.” Refers to non-missile-based anti-aircraft units. See SPAAG.

Armored Personnel Carrier. A troop transport with light armor that is generally lightly armed and armored.

Anti-Tank Guided Missile. This is to distinguish it from (unguided) LAWs/RPGs, MANPADS and SAMs. These are guided missiles used to engage armor, generally at long range.

Beam Rider
Beam Riders are missiles that target enemy radar units. They’re called such because they “ride” the radar beam back to their target. These are used for SEAD purposes. It is important to know that they do not work on IR systems, only Radar systems.

CAP / Combat Air Patrol
Refers to using fighters or interceptors defensively, keeping one patrolling the air to intercept enemy aircraft quickly. Not to be confused with shorthand for “capture.”

Close Air Support. Refers to using attacker aircraft to counter enemy attacks in a close tactical situation.

Cluster bombs
Bombs desingned to kill light armoured vehicles and damage or even kill tanks.

Referring to the British Challenger 1 MBT.

Command Points
These are points used to “buy” new units from your deck. They accumulate over time based on how many command zones your team control in the game. Accumulation of command points is also the key to victory in the Economy game mode. Not to be confused with score points.

Command Vehicle / CV
Refers to a specific type of unit in the game. These are highly fragile and precious units that must be well-cared for and protected.

Flank / Flanking
Flanks are the sides of a military line. Flanking refers to moving along the side of an enemy unit or defensive line rather than attacking them head-on.

Forward Operating Base, the only building you can build in Wargame.

Fire and forget. They are missiles that once fired don't need any action from the operator, like "automatic robots.

Integrated Air Defense Systems. Refers to using multiple different types of air defense units to create a formidable zone defense against aircraft. Ex: AAA, IR and SAM working altogether with Air Superiority aircraft and interceptors.

Infantry Fighting Vehicle. Troop transports and lighter fighting vehicles that are heavier armed than APCs, generally with ATGMs and autocannons.

IR / Infrared
IR refers to weapons systems (guided missiles generally) that are guided by infrared energy (heat-seeking) as opposed to Radar. This is relevant in the game because IR missiles cannot be targeted by SEAD.

Low end/High end
Terms referring to low technology units (low end, before 1978-1980) and high end for advanced technology units (1980-Nowadays)

Refers collectively to short-range anti-tank rockets used by non-ATGM infantry. While they are used as a generic term, they also refer to specific weapon systems (the Soviet RPG series, and the American M72 LAW

Man-Portable Air Defense System. Refers to infantry-borne anti-air guided missiles, like the Stinger or Igla.

Man-Portable Anti-Tank System. Refers to infantry-borne Anti-tank guided missiles of SACLOS system, like the TOW, the Konkurs or the Milan.

MLRS / Rocket Battery
Multiple Launch Rocket System. Refers both to the specific American unit called the MLRS, and as a general term for rocket artillery units.

MBT / Tank
Main battle tank, the most heavy and armored units in-game the best ground attack force, armed with high caliber guns, machine-guns, and sometimes ATGM, auto-cannons and even flamethrowers.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization. One of the two factions in Wargame.

Referring to the 1-ton bombs in-game, for their huge HE power and explosive effects.

Warsaw Pact. One of the two factions in Wargame.

Semi-Automatic Command Line-Of Sight and Manual Command Line-Of-Sight. Types of missile guidance systems.

Surface to Air Missile. Refers to any surface-launched guided anti-aircraft missile, however, it is often used in-game to refer to non-MANPADS missiles in particular.

SAM Bubble
Refers to the half-sphere above the surface where a SAM can hit a target with a missile. Also used generically to refer to one side’s entire IADS zone; an aircraft flying behind enemy lines is said to be within their SAM bubble.

Semi active. Referred to missiles that can be fired on the move but have to be guided to their target, like SACLOS ones.

Score Points
These are awarded for killing enemy units. When you kill an enemy unit, you are awarded its cost in command points as a score. So if you kill a 90-point M1 Abrams tank, you receive 90 score points. Accumulation of score points is the primary means of winning in the Destruction mode.

Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses. Pronounced “seed.” In real life it refers to the general practice of targeting air-defense units in preparation for effortless airstrikes. In game it is often used to refer specifically to SEAD aircraft (aircraft that fire anti-radar missiles).

Self-Propelled Anti-Air Gun. Refers to mobile anti-air gun systems, such as the Pact Shilka or the NATO PIVADS or Gepard.

Spawn / Spawn Zone
Spawn refers both to the act of bringing new units into the battlefield, and the zones in which these units can arrive.

Special Forces / Spec Ops
Refers to a type of high-end infantry unit that generally specializes in unconventional tactics like raids and behind-enemy-lines operations.

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Re: Wargame Glossary - Useful for newbies!

Postby D-M » Fri 19 Jul 2013 18:03

Giving my 2c but the nerf/buff definition is kinda imprecise imao.

I 'd rather say that nerfing a unit is making it less efficient (which can be done by makig it less useful, but again what is "useful" ?).

Example: the BMPT price nerf, did make it less efficient cost-wise but certainly not less useful.

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Re: Wargame Glossary - Useful for newbies!

Postby Wargamer620 » Fri 19 Jul 2013 18:09

+1 some of some of these thing were pretty hard to figure out back when i started
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Re: Wargame Glossary - Useful for newbies!

Postby Lorik Eolmin » Fri 19 Jul 2013 19:39

Just a sad guy saying: ATGM and AGM aren't Wargame specific =).

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Re: Wargame Glossary - Useful for newbies!

Postby KittyKitsune » Fri 19 Jul 2013 22:18

ATGM and AGM aren't wargame specific, but i see people ask what they mean in the lobby chat all the time

Added new useful words:





And a few general military terms.
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