10 advices to give to a new player!

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10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby Freki » Wed 9 Oct 2013 16:37

If you had 10 advices to give to a new player, what would they be?

We are not looking for the best deck, but for a way to help new players by providing them military tactics, strategies, and mistakes to avoid!

All advice is welcome!

Thank you!
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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby Kamil » Wed 9 Oct 2013 16:49

1-5.Dont play support.
6-10.Play NATO mixed.

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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby Spektre » Wed 9 Oct 2013 17:50

1. get some friends with you playing and use skype or ts or something

2. watch some tutorial videos in the internet, I would recommend those:
http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL ... q5tTtK_klH

3. take some time where u just try out the units,
in the games where you do experiments, dont expect to win

4. try a balanced force deck:
2 command vehicles, 2 supply trucks,
1 cheap inf, 1 good inf, 1 aa inf (manpad), 1 anti tank inf, 1 inf in heli
2 heavy tanks and 1 light fast one
1 aa flags, 1 longrange missle aa and 1 fast shooting medium range aa,
1 mortars /arty and 1 mlrs system
1 flamethrower 1 atgm vehicle
1 recon soldiers, recon chopper,
1 aa chopper, 1 assault heli
1 air superiority, 1 napalm bomber, 1 sead plane, 1 antitank plane, 1 cluster or aoe bomber

5. start deployment should be:
2 cvs, 2 supplys, 1 longrange aa, 2 medium range aa , 2 * 2 flag, 2 atgm inf, 3 aa inf, 4 cheap and 2 good inf,
2 heli inf, 1 heavy tank, 4 cheap one, 3 recon soldiers, 1 recon chopper, 2 aa chopper,
1 flamethrower, 1 air superiority, 1 napalm

6. make defense for your cs like 1 flamethrower, 2 flags, and 1 manpad

7. watch the replays the one when you loose are most important otherwise you find a lot good one here

8. my start set zo contains 3 recon men and 1 recon chopper, use em, buy more and send them everywhere

9. if u attack try to panic the enemy defense, with napalm, arty/mortars and mlrs,
atgm positions you use smoke and roll in with a mixed force with some meatshield also

10. play conquest, destruction is annyoing and gives you a wrong picture of whats goin on
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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby Rorschach » Wed 9 Oct 2013 17:52

1- Keep anti air units close to your forces always. If you don't buy enough AA, and the enemy finds out, you're dead

2-Recon. Recon recon recon. If you can't see the enemy, how are you going to shoot him? Or spot the fact that he's been massing 20 helicopters over that hill?

3- ATGM troops are great at taking out tanks, spread them out and place them in farms or at the edge of forests.

4-Infantry in buildings are very strong, always try to have your infantry in a building.

5-If you are facing an enemy that has infantry in a town, use napalm to panic the infantry, and flush them out of their buildings. Use smoke, fired from artillery, to cover your advance of infantry in APCs.

6-Never leave your infantry out in the open. Never have them charge across open ground. Keep them in their APCs until the last moment

7-Napalm bombers can be very useful at blocking roads. Why not drop napalm on that bridge at the very start of the game, to stop him crossing it? Then you can use the extra time to advance further.

8- Always have CAS (Close air support, a fighter plane), circling behind your lines. Whenever an enemy bomber tries to break through, your CAS should sort him out, but be careful it doesn't stray into enemy territory!

9- Never leave your Command Vehicles alone. A cheap $16 anti air squad next to one will save you a lot of bother

10- Always be courteous, and say 'gg' after a game ;)
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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby DelroyMonjo » Wed 9 Oct 2013 18:45

In addition to what Rorshach offered:

Play solo vs 1 player on Easy, Med, Hard, V. Hard. Get a feel for how your units work.
Keep playing solo vs 2, 3 and 4 AI opponents with AI partners. This will give you a look at the various maps available and give you some idea of the chaos involved in a multiplayer game. Use different starting point variations.

When you feel comfortable, jump in some MP games and find some friends. If things aren't going the way you had hoped, DON'T QUIT! Unless the other players insist upon it.
Don't complain.
Have fun.
It's a GAME!

OH! And about those 'support' players. If some stranger plops down 2 FOBs in your spawn zone-that's him....
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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby Rorschach » Wed 9 Oct 2013 19:27

11) Play the tutorials first, then practise against the AI for a few games. After about 5/6 games, create a MP lobby called 'Noobs only' or something.

If you go straight into Public games, you'll get smashed, and discouraged from the game. Work your way up gradually.
A brilliant plan from the dirtiest euro-hippie: get US players to pay me for a game that I then show them how much their military sucks so I can feel better about being a communist.

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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby DeuZerre » Wed 9 Oct 2013 19:35

1) Learn "plane" loadouts [IR = short range,, SemAct = Medium range, Rad = long range, air to ground, bomb, cluster... Know the difference]

2) Play 2 games on your own to get a feel for it

3) Go to the deck building and have some fun

4) Go to the forums and ask if your deck is bad and why

5) Don't worry if you lose: It's a hard game to learn.

6) avoid DESTRUCTION game mode

7-8-9-10) Remember: Having fun is always more important than actually winning. If you feel unhappy, cool off and come back later;
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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby nWODT_Niack » Wed 9 Oct 2013 19:37

Analyse your own replays.
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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby Shifu » Thu 10 Oct 2013 12:36

1. First steps - You need to get a grip on the game and its units (and their characteristics). Play the tutorial, challenge the AI and test various strategies, units ... if you feel like it, dig into the armory (don't forget, its numbers may deceive you here or there). Additionally, there are some nice guides around (steam or on this forum)

2. Next level: Multiplayer - At some point, you need to hop into multiplayer¹. Keep in mind, humans are acting everything but like the AI (therefore, it doesn't matter how badly you pwn the AI or whatsoever). Look for fellow skilled players by hosting "new player" lobbies, friend people and/or join some clan. This increases the fun a lot. After some time you want to avoid playing with "randoms" (people you don't know) - they don't communicate, they apply weird strategies (which can't work), they maybe even blame you for failing hard - short: they spoil your fun.
¹ Unless you're a singleplayer-only type of gamer - but then this game might be not the best for you.

3. Replays - Keep and look at the replay. Even if you have won a game, there's always something to improve. Look what worked for you, what worked for others and what didn't. Change your tactics accordingly.

4. Help - If you want more professional help, go to the forums post your deck/replay and ask for improvements. You'll get a lot feedback from different perspectives you maybe didn't even consider yet. Alternative, you can ask your enemies (in case they've played good) what you've done wrong. Some will troll you, some will ignore you, some will help you. Do not take every advice as superior truth, but take it into account and improve by it. Don't worry, it's no shame to ask for help as the game's learning curve is quite steep. Noone managed to do it right from the very beginning on, we all had to learn how to play at some point.

5. Strategy - It's more important than one would think. Even if you're playing without a team, you need to choose an approach before the game actually starts. This determines your initial force and the early game. Additionally, it should cover eventualities (like rushes or the opposite - no enemy on your flank), so you can react quicker and more appropriate to the actual situation than you could if you would have to analyze the situation first, classify it, then equilibrate it with some goal of yours and your yet deployed units before even thinking about a reaction .. even seconds can settle the outcome of the game. Whilst it's not forbidden to go for "cheesy" strategies like spamming/rushing, don't expect appreciation or anything but disrespect for it.

6. Deck - First of all, don't be the "support player" (i.e. only spam artillery or air or whatsoever). Every player¹ should have a balanced deck to stand his man on the field. You can set preferences, depending on the map and your strategy, but it's not like you could afford abandoning AA just to have more heavy tanks. It simply won't work and kill the fun for you and your teammates.
¹ Teamgames, especially in clan war or tournaments, may be an exception.

7. Map awareness - you need to have it to field the right units and to choose a proper strategy. Every map has its own "secrets", some spot where to put your CV, some chokepoint you can easily use against the enemy, some weak points you mostly can exploit.

8. Micro - you'll need a lot of it. You're doing it wrong if you're zoomed in all the time - you're quite zoomed out most of the time to ensure a good overview and enable a fast reaction to enemy moves. But there will be some bigger fight from time to time - and then micro is important. Positioning is a very relevant factor for the result (just think about side/rear hits) - the correct use of smoke or napalm, hit'n run with your heavy thank or snipe the enemy tanks with a helicopter when's moving slightly out of his aa cover. The better you want to be, the more micro-intensive it gets.

9. Learn, Adapt, Beat. Learn from your mistakes by watching the replay, adapt to superior strategies or simply improve your approach and then beat the enemy. It's simple as that, there's no need to blame anyone but you for lost games.

10. Being competitive or losing a game doesn't apologize bad manners. Always call "gg" after a game. If you want to be friendlier than the standard, "gl hf" at the beginning of a game doesn't cost you anything and saying "hi" when joining someone's lobby isn't that hard after all, is it?

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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby FLX » Thu 10 Oct 2013 12:52

1) Offer wargame to 19 friends to play together in 10v10 :mrgreen:
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