10 advices to give to a new player!

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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby DelroyMonjo » Thu 10 Oct 2013 13:12

Maybe EUGEN could devise some type of group rate for buying 20 copies of the game at one time along with an autographed poster of:
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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby Rorschach » Thu 10 Oct 2013 19:33

FLX wrote:1) Offer wargame to 19 friends to play together in 10v10 :mrgreen:

Hmmm. I can't help but notice you might have an underlying motive :D
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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby ViolatorxL » Tue 15 Oct 2013 12:28

1. RECON, a blind army doesn't shoot at but gets shot to pieces very fast.

2. SUPPORT, just for the smoke preceding an attack (or as a simple diversion), and ofcourse to pound the enemy infantry and light vehicles.

3. AA, try to have a healthy mix between close support AA (with autocannons) and long range AA (missiles). No AA= getting your units picked of one by one.

4. Don't underestimate cheap units, don't overestimate expensive ones.

5. Build your deck with a goal or two in purpose. One deck cannot be all, but can be very good at a few things.

6. Don't use vehicles in groups. One bombing run can and will take out several at once.

7. Plan attacks carefully. The defender is often in the advantage. Blind them with smoke, stun them, do a diversion attack, try to get infantry up close through woodland/urban enviroment.

8. Try to find a weak spot in the enemy lines, apply pressure.

9. Do not planespam. Or helospam. You will probably score an initial succes, only to be outnumbered 10 to 1 on the ground.

10. Don't use the US ATGM teams (antitank, dragon or dragon II).
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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby KeyLord » Tue 15 Oct 2013 12:28

1) Recon- Know your enemy.

2) Actually react to what you see with your recon. Recon should always be towards the front.

3) Always carry AA

4) Always have logistics supplies on standby behind the frontline.

5) Artillery is used to stun and panic, not to kill

6) Planes are made of glass, but they are swift and lethal.

7) When you permit the enemy to build up AA, consider your airforce useless. SEAD is most effective early before they achieve critical AA mass, which will always devastate aircraft.

8) All units have a rock-paper-scissors effect. Your forces are most effective when they are all used simultaneously.

9) Sometimes you will find effectiveness not in the expensive units, not in the cheap units, but in the vetted mid-price, lower tier units. Learn to use these veteran units wisely, and they will do amazing things.

10) MOST IMPORTANT: Don't give up. Don't give in after you lose your first 5 matches. Don't take losing too seriously. Don't get angry at other players for the tactics they used, instead learn from the experience and know how to counter it.


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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby Jatoba Bokken » Tue 15 Oct 2013 12:34

Don't give up
Watch your replays
Play with more experienced players
Watch Youtube Videos

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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby Absha » Tue 15 Oct 2013 12:39

1-Don't listen their advices, they're doing strategical lessons

2-Don't listen to my advices, they are pretty bad

3-Play as you like, do support deck, do nationalist decks, what's important is not the result but how you like to play. Many of my friends can't play with another deck than France ones, or Canada ones. It's because they are only interested in it. Play - as - you - like.

4-There's no strategy above every others, except in conquest. In conquest : RUSH. Otherwise, you're free.

5-If someone is either insulting you or tk-ing you because you are playing support, give him the telephone number of the closest army recruitment center. Chill out, it's a game.

6-When you're playing, try to put space between your troops, there's always someone to put troops just aside yours, let him be stupid and lose his troops when yours will be struck by a GBU from a Nighthawk.

7-Don't play to destroy everybody but to keep the balance, and to lose troops as less as possible. Play modern strategy, don't do mass attack - except on conquest, those are done for a short period of time and they're 100% losers.

8-Sometimes it's better to retreat. Or to put very few units on a point & then ... retreat. It gives confidence to your ennemy, and then he will see a wall of troops just waiting for him.

9-To do the point 8, you must use relief to your advantage, and use the spaces between the points, those two are greatly unconsidered by many players.

10-The first five advices are really important, the last five advices are just if you're playing "quality over quantity".
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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby Wittmann » Tue 15 Oct 2013 13:02

1. Recon is vital, you need to see the enemy to be able to kill the enemy with any level of certainty

2. Playing support is only useful in a larger game with your entire team communicating in an effective fashion, do not play "support" in a 1v1, 2v2, or a 3v3 unless your team has a worked out strategy and know each others dynamics

3. Play both factions, you need to know what your enemy has. I've learned more about playing Pact by playing NATO and seeing what Pact units always seem to survive hits and deal a lot of damage

4. Prep your assaults with artillery fire, occasionally you can get a lucky kill, but artillery is a support for your main attack, not the attack in of itself.

5. Even when the enemy has more units than you, create a local point of overwhelming force and punch deep into their lines, then attack them from behind and in front at the same time (vehicles have weaker armor on their sides and rear).

6. Don't over-group units. Keep your units in groups of 2, not four. you are less likely to get killed by a lucky artillery shell.

7. Infantry are deadly when hidden in buildings, keep ambush teams with standard AT weapons hidden in towns to force the enemy to divert forces.

8. You are only as fast as your lowest common denominator, having 12 Light Tanks that move at 90km/h and your AA that can only go 45km/h will slow you down or leave you defenseless

9. Air superiority is extremely powerful, and unless you have cleared the map of enemy AA, it is good to micromanage the flightpath of your planes to avoid strongpoints.

10. Don't rely entirely on ATGMs or SAMs, make sure to have some normal guns to back them up.

+Bonus tip: Keep your stuff supplied and read Erwin Rommel's book "Infantry Attacks!"

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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby orcbuster » Tue 15 Oct 2013 13:09

1: Get friends who you know and can play well with.

2: Teamwork is crucial

3: Adjust your deck according to the map you are playing on

4: Anticipate your battles beforehand

5: Supression of enemy AA is crucial

6: Dig in whenever you can

7: Know when to use planes

8: tutorials are useless, go to youtube or watch replays

9: 10vs10 is great practice

10: Always use recon
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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby VioA » Tue 15 Oct 2013 13:10

1) Have fun !

2) Take your time to discover the game's mechanics, you won't get everything during your first playing session.

3) Enjoy the detailed graphics of the units ("OMAHGERD, LUV LEO2A4 !")... Basically, that's it :)

4) Make some friends to play with them, either IRL or IG, voice-speaking software are of great values, even if you type fastly on your keyboard

5) Teamwork if you play something else than 1v1

6) Be reactive and open your eyes during game, for the actions can go very quickly !

7) Don't flame ;)

8) Keep a cold beer nearby ...

9) ... and listen to cool music !

10) Win the game ^^

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Re: 10 advices to give to a new player!

Postby Babubudu » Tue 15 Oct 2013 13:46

1. Don't use airplanes (avoid them until you will learn to play well)
2. Learn to use scout units (you cant play well if you don't see what your enemy is doing)
3. Use more anti air units (all sectors must have good anti-air protection)
4. Use more infantry (cheap anti-tank unit placed in the building can become your best killer)
5. Do not attack defended cities (this is difficult - leave this for more experienced players)
6. Don't suicide (no need to send your units blindly or to well defended positions)
7. Use arty wise! (Sometimes removing one key unit will let you win, for example - take out AA and drop bombs on the rest...)
8. Learn - tanks is good but they can be lost easily (Mostly I see new players is sending their best tanks straight to defended positions and when they ask why they lost their SUPER tank)
9. Combined tactics! (There is no super units, learn to use all them at once! Recon to spot, tanks to destroy, anti air for air cover, missile arty to stun units, infantry to defend cities and forests and so on, also cover expensive units with cheaper ones, for example put cheap tank ahead of expensive...)
10. Try to learn use smoke (artillery smoke cover is the key to successfully take fortified town)

Good luck ;)

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