SEAD Advices? I don't think I operate them correctly

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SEAD Advices? I don't think I operate them correctly

Postby geronimonimo » Sat 29 Mar 2014 07:46

Hi all,
It's been a month i played ALB now and RD is already out...
But there isn't the problem... I'm having troubles operating SEADs without getting shot down before my target.
they seem to be able to spot radar equipped unit only times to times and I only played against the AI so far (I have my game from the Appstore and it still hasn't updated it to play online. Plus this forum can't find the link to get the patch v1616)
anyways if you can help me for both of these problems, but please give me a priority for SEADs, i'll be really grateful if you could help.
thanks all.

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Re: SEAD Advices? I don't think I operate them correctly

Postby audigex » Mon 11 Aug 2014 12:50

The biggest mistake people make is sending them on long range incursions into enemy territory: they will usually destroy the first enemy defences they meet, but will be hit on the way out either by air superiority fighters or other SAM units further back.

SEAD jets are effective, but are useless once out of missiles, while their turning circle usually isn't great, leaving them open to flanking SAM units as soon as they start to turn.

To be more effective, use them over your own front lines and slowly creep them forward toward the enemy. Even if the enemy gets a lock, they likely won't be able to destroy you before you're back out of range, and in any case it's more useful to clear the enemy's forward SAM units, ready for your bombers (sending bombers deep into enemy territory is foolhardy, even when hot on the heels of SEAD units)

Rule #1 of using planes: if you're already over enemy units when you drop your ordnance, you should be using artillery.

The only exception I make is when attacking enemy command units, when I'll sometimes send in a deep-incursion SEAD plane followed by a bomber. I'll often lose both, but the point-efficiency will be close to neutral (ie the command unit plus any AA units I take out will roughly equal the planes) and you cost the enemy points gained, while hitting command units is one of the most distracting things in the game. When done hot on the heels of a specOps team taking out another command unit, or launched at the same time as a push elsewhere, you can split the enemy's attention quite effectively.

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