Control Groups and Mac.. infact general keybinding advice

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Control Groups and Mac.. infact general keybinding advice

Postby meeware » Tue 30 Sep 2014 15:37

So I am playing, and enjoying this game immensely on the Mac. No problems at all, even on my little macbook air. But.... how on earth do I set up Control Groups??!! I'm wearing the trackpad out scooting all over the map to select infantry battalions in towns, networks of ATGW trucks and SAMs, and calling in arty. Surely I can just bind a bunch of units to a number key and flick between as needed?

I was just wondering if there were any other control glitchs I ought to know about on Mac - took me a few minutes to work out the rightclick tasks (especially tricky and inconsistent on the strategic map).

I am a noob, admittedly - I can just squeek a win on campaign 1, and eek it out to 4 battlegroups active at day 5 (but being pounded to dust) if I set campaign 2 to easy. I can hold my own against a medium group in skirmish (I run a very carefully selected UK battle group, mainly because I know UK kit better than most and I am comfortable with it's limitations..... and milan toting landrovers are heaven on toast).

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