Opinions on my deck

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Opinions on my deck

Postby birdfreeyahoo » Sun 30 Nov 2014 00:05

I am a noob and new here.
I play with my friends and we are playing against easy AI (exept me sometimes against random Multiplayer people).

I read that 176-page guide (not completely yet, but important stuff already) and I want to get better than my friends (they resist to learn and play mainly air and support and heavy tanks).

I worry my deck could be bad or there is something missing, so maybe someone can tell me if it is ok as allrounder, or if I can do something better :)


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Re: Opinions on my deck

Postby vinz75 » Sat 21 Feb 2015 16:59

Hello birdfreeyahoo,

I'm a new player too and play vs AI.
Here are my thoughts on your deck

ok, maybe replace the second supply truck card with 1700 - 2500 L supply chopper (its sometime useful to bypass roads)

Usually chopper inf is used to capture villaged at the start of the game. They usually face ennemy Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV). I fear your jägers lack serious anti vehicle capability.
The second sort of inf is in IFV and is used to assault villaged or fight in them.
I'd go for:
Us mountainers in chinook (they can fight infantry and IFV or weak tanks)
Milan inf in chopper (french pumas are fine) to fight off tanks
Ok for stinger in fast vehicle (can be armored vehicle for better durability
RFA panzergrenadiers + Marder - they're simply wery powerfull
either US riflemen + bradley or light inf in cheap armored vehicle (some says it's better to attack villages with cheap vehicles)

I won't say anything on artillery as I don't use it efficiently
for anti Air, I'm OK with Roland2, but would replace chaparal with radar autocanons (they're so nasty against planes and attack choppers) flackpanzer or us pivads.

Since all your tanks are fast I guess you use them offensively. I like some defensive tanks too in my decks (M60 starship are great with a bit of experience, UK Chieftains are cheap for their resilience and canon.
On your choice I would prefer the 90pts abrahams ober the 80 points (much better cannon) and I prefer the m1A1 Abrahams over the Lepard (6 of them and better flank armor)

Ok. Are the inf scouts in choppers ?

I-tows or TOW2 are better in armored vehicle for me (more resilient to artillery)
I like to have a second ATGM armored vehicle, but cheaper, like Milan or basic TOW.
I never found much use to M163 autocanon (range too short comared to radar version)


I usually avoid the F111 since there's only 1 (and a mistake is so easy to make) for antiradar I use prowler.

What I say is not the truth, but options that may be tested to see if they fit your playstyle.


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